10 Best Bath Mat For Babies Reviews [2022]

Being parents to a little one, it is your utmost responsibility to keep your baby safe everywhere. When your baby is in your residence, you may feel safe, but it can sometimes come with invisible dangers. A shower is reasonably Best Bath Mat For Babiescommonplace for falls and can cause injuries.

Moms may be mindful that small children do not stay still very much apart from napping. If they feel happy or irritated, they jiggle, writhe, and squirm, and they really don’t notice where or when they’re doing it, and this goes for the bath time too. So it is essential to take proper precautionary measurements while moving your little one to the shower.

A good bath mat will do the thing for you as it will provide you with the necessary grip and control in the bathing tub. Here in this guide, we have put together ten best Bath mats for babies that will work as a third hand for you while you bathe your little. Check out our list below, but before we look at our buying guide to better understand bat mats requirements.

Top 10 Best Bath Mat For Babies In 2022

Sr. NoProductMaterial TypeCheck Price
1Infantino 2-in-1 Bath MatNon Slip Check Price
2Munchkin Quack DuckTextured material Check Price
3Munchkin Dandy DotsBPA Free, Latex Free Check Price
4Ikea Patrull BathtubBPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free Check Price
5Kikkerland BathmatRubber Check Price
6Boon Ripple Baby Bath MatRubber Check Price
7AmazerBath Bath Tub MatTPE Check Price
8Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath MatPVC Check Price
9HALLO Soft Infant Bath MatMemory foam Check Price
10Summer Fun Decorative Bath MatPolyvinyl Chloride Check Price
  1. Infantino 2-in-1 Bath Mat

Best Bath Mat With Storage Basket

As moms want to do multiple tasks at once, so is this infanito multipurpose bath mat does. The Infanito bath mat is a 2-in-1 bath mat. You can use it as a bath mat first and then convert it into a basket for drying your baby’s bathing toys etc. in it.

Infantino 2 In 1 Bath Mat

Speaking of design, it comes in a bright green color and depicts the turtle’s shape with a turtle head at the front. And when your little one is done with the bathing, you can easily hang the toys into the basket with its simple hooks design. Furthermore, it offers an impressive grip in the bathing tub with its skid-resistant suction cups.

This infanito bath mat is so soft and comfy for your little one. Besides its great features, it does not come with any irritating seams for your little one. It is perfect for the kids who troubles easily with irritating products. Just place it in the bathtub and enjoy a fun time with your little one.


  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Non-skid design
  • It can convert to a storage basket
  • Suction cups below the mat offers good grip
  • Lightweight and broad design
  • Easy cleaning


  • Made of PVC
  • Wears off easily

Final Verdict

This Infanito 2-in-1 bath mat is one of the best anti-slip bath mats for babies because of its suction cup design. With its super-soft material and seamless design, this multipurpose math mat can serve happy bathing times.

This Infanito bath mat is best for those who want a multipurpose bath mat. It can serve both as a bath mat and a storage basket, so you can quickly dry away from the bathing toys.

  1. Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

Best Master Bath Mat For Kids

Is your baby picky about its things? If yes, then this bath mat will be irresistible for your baby with its appealing duck-like deigns. This bright yellow color duck bath mat by Munchkin will match with the little duckie that your baby has, and it will serve as a friendly face for your little one as he bathes.

Munchkin Quack Duck Bath Mat

Besides, its excellent aesthetics t also offers several great features. It has skid-resistant suction cups below the mat, which provides grip for the baby. The mat comes with a texture on the mat, which provides grip for the little feet. Your baby can wriggle, swirl, and have fun while bathing without slipping.

For easy storage, this bath mat can roll up quickly so that when you are done with the bathing, you can air dry it and store it. This non-slip mat measures about 16in X 32.5 in which easily fits in bathing tubs. So you can go for this beautiful bath mat for skid-free bathing fun for your baby.


  • Adorable duck-like design
  • Non-skid design with suction cups
  • No slides for little feet
  • Easy roll-up design
  • Easy cleaning


  • Bad smell

Final Verdict

This lovely and comfortable duck-like bathing mat by Munchkin can make the best non-slip bath mat for babies. Its skid-free design with bright yellow colour duck-like shape can be a perfect fit for any bathing tub.

If your kid is more inclined to its toys, then this Munchkin duck bath mat will do the thing. Its Duck like the design is so adorable that your kid will fall in love with this bathing mat.

  1. Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

High Quality Mat For Bath

Munchkin always comes with aesthetically appealing and safe products. To this assert, this munchkin bathing mat comes with candy-color dandy dots on the mat for fantastic looks. This baby bath mat not only outclasses the looks, but the design is also exceptional.

Munchkin Dandy Dots Bath Mat

It comes with a non-slip surface for the babies to stay put in the bathtub. It can prevent you from sliding or slipping during the bath. For skid-resistance, it comes with suction cups below the mats that will hold the mat in place. Furthermore, this bathing mat comprises of plastic, which is 100 percent BPA free and Latex-free.

You can consider this bath mat a complete package of fun color and safety. The 30.5-inch length and 14.25-inch width of this baby bath mat can accommodate any bathtub. So go for this bath mat and have splashing fun with your little one.


  • Adorable design
  • Non-skid
  • Slip-resistant with bumps on the op
  • Easy cleaning
  • BPA free and Latex-free


  • Dandy dots wear off
  • The suction cups do not stick with uneven bathtub surface

Final Verdict

You kids will love this Munchkin Dandy dots bath mat with its candy-colored button like textures. Besides the great look, it offers safety for the little ones with non-skid design and anti-slip surface. Further, it is BPA free and Latex free, making them a non-toxic bath mat for baby.

If you want a non-toxic bath mat for the baby, this baby bath mat will do the job. Its impressive features like BPA free and latex-free make it perfectly acceptable for the babies.

  1. Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat

Latest Bath Mat For Babies

Ikea Patrull bathtub mat is the next pick of mom for their babies the best bath mat for the babies list. This bath mat comes with a very appealing look and splendid design; that is, the crocodile shape makes bathing fun for the kids. The bath mat comes with a fin-like structure all over, but it also reduces slides and slips.

Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat

For the perfect grip of the bathtub, this bath mat offers suction cups below the carpet. This Ikea bathtub mat for a baby can work as a third hand for your energetic kids with its anti-sip and anti-skid design. Furthermore, this bath mat is very easy to clean. You can wash it with soap and water and air dry it with its hook holes.

Talking about the content of this bath mat, it is entirely of plastic material. But the plastic does not imply for the harmful content as it is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead-Free, and BPA Free. You can rely on this bathing mat for its looks, safety, and design feature.


  • Adorable design
  • Non-skid
  • Slip-resistant with bumps on the op
  • Easy cleaning
  • BPA free and Latex-free


  • Size too small

Final Verdict

This Ikea baby bath Mat is a complete package for your little one’s bathing time. It comes with crocodile shape design and non-skid and non-slip structures for the safety of the kids. Also, it comes with BPA and Latex-free plastic to take good care of your angel.

 If your bathroom space is small, and you want a no-mess bath mat for your baby, Ikea’s bath mat is perfect for you. This bah mat is small in size and requires only hooks for hanging or drying the mat.

  1. Kikkerland Bathmat For Babies

Natural Rubber High Grip For Babies

The kikkerland bathmat is our next pick of the best bathtub mat for babies. This bath mat will help you if your baby is super-active and wriggler as it can stay in place with its array of suction cups. The bath mat will not move down to the drain.

Kikkerland Bathmat

Looking at the bath mat, you will find sweet patterns on the bathmat, a friendly face for your baby. It comes with the powerful suction cups below the mat and will stay put right where you place it. The non-slip mat will provide grip for the little feet while they bath.

This bathmat comes with an adequate size that can accommodate a sufficient area of the bathtub. The kikkerland bathmat is Latex and mildew-free so that your baby feels safe and content at the same time. With all its great features this all-rubber bathing mat comes handy for your little eco-baby.


  • nice designs
  • perfect grip on any bathtub surface
  • slip-resistant
  • latex-free and mildew-free
  • comfortable for the baby


  • Discolours quickly

Final Verdict

This kikkerland bath mat comes with sequenced suctions at the bottom, making it the best baby bath mat for textured tub. Its nice and gentle looks and unique features count up for a good bath mat.

If your baby is super-active and your baby’s bath mat slips into the drain during the bath, this Kikkerland bath mat is for you. Its suction cups below the surface in array form makes for the perfect grip. It also resembles somewhat to the salinka ocean baby bath mat.

  1. Boon Ripple Baby Bath Mat

Baby Best Brand Bath Mat

Next on our list is this boon Baby bath mat which offers several great features for your little one. This bath mat comprises of rubber, but that is phthalate-free and BPA-free for the baby’s safety. The soft-textured surface of this bath mat makes for comfort and slip-resistance during bathing times.

Boon Baby Bath Mat

This bath mat comes with a minimalist and seamless design with two integrated shower hooks. Once your baby has the bath, you fold it and hang it to the shower for drying. This bath mat also comprises the drain hole which continuously drains out the water and tends to reduce the mold and mildew.

The suction cups below the mat help the bath mat to stay in place no matter how much fun your kid have during bathing. This ripple bath mat covers an adequate space of the tub and is suitable for infants above six months of age. The simple yet effective design of this bath mat makes for the epic bath times.


  • Simple design
  • Wide to cover a good part of the bathtub
  • Easy drying with the shower hooks
  • Drain holes for reducing mold and mildew
  • BPA-free and latex-free
  • Non-slip textures on the surface
  • Non-skid with suction cups


  • Not for the babies as it the ripple texture might irritate them

Final Verdict

This Boon Ripple bath mat has a ripple-like design with drain holes for constantly draining out the water. Its suction cups below the bath mat stays put in the bathtub. All this and its no-toxic plastic makes for a perfect baby bath mat on amazon.

If you want a mold-free and mildew free bath mat goes for thus Ripple by Boob baby as it comes with drain holes for the constant flow of the water.

  1. AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat – Best Quality 2021

Strong Grip Bath Mat With Safe Material

This mat has 200 larger, more robust suction cups that make the suction capacity double as effective as regular mats. On the floor, the subtle contoured texture prevents your little one from sliding in the bathtub or slipping. The size of his bathmat can cover much of the tub size.

Amazerbath Bath Tub Mat

This mat is crafted from eco-friendly, sturdy and secure TPE material that is safe and odourless, unlike odorous PVC bath mats. The slip-resistant surface is smooth for the skin and will not give your kid’s feet any discomfort. The drain holes on the mat flow out easily and keep the mat clean at all times.

This bath mat is easy to maintain and washable in the machine. Rather than textured, tile floors or uneven surfaces, Mat affixes only to smooth surfaces. To avoid the risk of falling, when filling the bathing tub, moisten the tub with some water, and force the bath mat with the hands to fix suction cups firmly.


  • Wid design to cover most of the bathtub
  • Machine washable
  • Drain holes for reducing mold and mildew
  • Non-toxic composition
  • Non-skid with 200 suction cups
  • Available in four different colours


  • Not for the uneven surfaces

Final Verdict

This Amazer Bathtub mat does not have any aesthetics, but it can well serve the purpose with its unique features. Its 200 suction cup, the drain holes, and non-toxic composition count for a considerable product for the baby.

If slipping and sliding is the main problem of yours then, this bath mat by Amazer with its 200 suction cups below can help to stay in place. 

  1. Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Mat

Bath Mat Reviews In 2021

our next bath mat for the babies is from Moby. There is an adorable whale design in this bath mat, that is exciting and appealing to kids. It is anti-slippery and also has texture on it. The entire mat comprises excellent suction cups that enable the mat stays in place at all times, so  Your child is protected from falling as an outcome.

Skip Hop Moby Non Slip Baby Bath Mat

All across the mat, there are many holes crafted not to tarnish the whale’s shape. The gaps, therefore, help tremendously to adequate drainage without the unpleasant mildew developing. d  These openings also allow the mat to air-dry very quickly. The mat dimensions are 30 X15.5 inches, finding it very large to bathe your baby conveniently.

The adorable whale design also assists in hanging the mat for drying. You can hand it from the fin of the whale. You can conveniently put the whale’s tail. It tends to dry out very quickly. For this bath mat, there are two colours currently offered that are blue and grey.


  • Adorable whale design
  • Perforations for fast drying and draining
  • Skid-free and slip-free
  • Easy to hang design
  • Phthalate-free


  • Non

Final Verdict

This pick from skip hop has everything of the bathing mat that is adorable whale design, water drain holes, suction cups, and texture surface. And once you are done with bathing, you can air dry it by hanging it from the whale’s tail.

This Moby bath mat by skip hop can fit with different products of the skip hop. So if you want a complete set of bathing accessories, you can go for this bath mat and along with other essentials to follow the theme.

  1. HALLO Soft Infant Bath Mat Newborn

Best Bath Mat For Babies

so the next bath mat we have here is Hallo’s infant bath mat. If you are new parents and do not know how to bathe the little angel, this bath mat will help you a lot. This bath mat, unlike other mats, is comprised of sponge material which is even thicker to hold the baby gently.

Hallo Soft Infant Bath

This sponge material makes for the slip-resistance and is properly bevelled for your baby’s comfort. So Your kid will have the feeling of a mother lap while having a bath. You can place this baby bath mat in bathtub and sinks. But one point to ponder here is that do not exceed the water level of the mat and also make sure not to use hot water.

You can easily clean it with water and a sponge. This bath also comes with a good head, neck, and back support for the newborn. Hallo bath mat also includes three cute sponges for softer and gentle bathing time for your angel. Furthermore, you can choose the bath mat color from pink and blue for baby girl or boy.


  • Thick and comfortable
  • Head, neck and back support
  • Comes with three adorable sponges
  • Non-toxic
  • Quick-drying
  • Contains Soapdish


  • Made for newborns only

Final Verdict

The Hallo baby bath mat is both cute-looking and comfortable for newborns and infants. You can get this bath mat for the newborn with its comfortable padding and body support and consider it a baby bath mat with seat.

 If you are new parents and want a comfortable bathing mat for your newborn, then this Hallo bathing mat is for you.

  1. Summer Fun Decorative Bath Mat

Decorative Bath Mat For Babies

to make bath time fun time these decorative bath mats from summer fun comes with the dismay characters on it. Not only looks, but it also offers excellent support for the baths. Its safe and secure PVC content comes with skid-resistant suction cups to hold the mat in place.

Disney Mickey Mouse Bath Mat

Unlike other bath mats, this bath mat of Summer Fun is comfy and soft. The tactile gripping surface helps kids to avoid bumps and bruises while providing comfort and plushy experience. Your kid can say content and have a bath while having fun at the beach characters on board with him.

For easy cleaning, this bath mat asks to simply wash with the soap and water and the air dry it in a ventilated area. While placing this bath mat, make sure that the surface below is even for proper suction and skid-resistance.


  • Decorative bath mat
  • Non-skid
  • Comfortable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic


  • Grows mold

Final Verdict

This bath mat by Summer Fun is pleasing to the eye of babes with its Disney fun characters. Besides that, it also offers excellent comfort and slip-resistance for the babies.

 Suppose you want a decorative bathing mat for your baby than this Summer Fun bath mat is perfect for your kid. Its comfy and non-skid design along with Disney characters print is ideal for any bathtub.

Best Bath Mat For Babies—Buyer Guide

For baby’s safety is the top priority of every mother. So for this reason, we came with the best bath mats for babies with only the best features. We listed some of the features that the bathing mats have.

  • Looks of the bath mat: As bath mats are for the babies and babies loves the cute faces, so aesthetically appealing bath mats for he babies are a must.
  • NoN-skid design: For babies safety, the non-skid design of the mat is crucial. The suction cups below the bath mats can provide the necessary grip and hold to the surface of the bathtub.
  • Slip-resistance: While non-skid design keeps the mat in place the slip-resistance surface with bevels and textures makes for the grip for the little feet above the bath mat.
  • Cleaning: As with the little one, you may not have time for scrubbing and rubbing the mat to clean it. So easy cleaing of the bath will come handy in this regard.
  • Water draining perforations: the holes or perforations in the bath mat can make for quick drying and water draining. These features will prevent the bath mat from mold or mildew in the long run.

So these are some of the necessaries of the bathing mat. Now let’s get down to our list of best baby bath mats.


So here ends our list of baby bath mats. I hope you find this guide helpful in buying the bath mats for your baby. We kept all the consideration of a good bathing mat in mind while gathering up this guide. We are highly positive that all the bathing mat of our guide is perfect for doing the job.

Although if you still think that what’s the best bath mat for babies?  Then we will give you the top picks of our guide, which is Skip Hop Moby bath mat. The reason to consider it the best is that it is a complete package of aesthetics and comfort for your baby. It comes with a non-skip and slip-resistant design with perforation for quick drying and water draining.

While he Skip Hop can be perfect for toddlers, the Hallo soft can work for the newborn babies bathing. You can choose the bathing mat according to your baby’s age and needs from our guide as we have the ten best baths for babies. Happy parenting to you!

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