6 Best Non Toxic Baby Cribs [2021 Reviewed] – Eco Friendly!

Setting up your baby’s room or nursery is one of the best things for the parents. Either you do it before your baby’s birth or after when you separate the room, it is a fantastic experience. You make a long list of different props and things you want for the baby, and you try to make sure that everything you get is nothing but the best.

Best Non Toxic Baby CribsWhile setting up the nursery, an essential item to consider is the baby crib. If your baby is a newborn, a bassinet is preferred, but for a baby, little grown baby crib will do the job as the sidebars can protect the baby as they rollover. While getting the crib, many parents forget about the paints and adhesives used to assemble the crib. These substances can be toxic to babies.

As the protection of the child comes first, so when getting the baby crib, make sure you get the non-toxic one. Many parents may not have the idea that which baby crib is harmless for the baby. So w after spending hours of search gathered this guide of best non toxic baby cribs. You can go over this guide and get your hands on the best on For the nursery.

6 Best Non Toxic Baby Cribs In 2021 – Comparison Table

Sr. NoProductMaterial TypeCheck Price
1Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 ConvertibleNew Zealand Pine Wood Check Price
2Delta Children Folding PortableWood Check Price
3Dream On Me, Aden 4-in-1 ConvertiblePine Wood Check Price
4LOAOL Baby Crib Bumper KnottedFleece Check Price
5Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 ConvertibleWood Check Price
6Babyletto Bixby Metal CribMetal, Wood Check Price
  1. Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib 

Best Convertible Cribs For Babies

Babyletto is known for its baby-friendly products. They make adorable cribs, and all are of wood and non-toxic paint. This babyletto Modo wooden baby crib is a modern crib that has a lot to offer for the babies. The rectangular solid wood style and square feet below provides a durable and sturdy foundation that makes it your baby’s room chic choice.

Babyletto Modo 3 In 1 Convertible Crib

The reason to add this Modo crib in our Best Non Toxic Baby Cribs is that it is GreenGuard Gold certified. These certifications ensure that Modo has passed the most rigorous emission standards and has been verified for more than 10000 chemicals.

Furthermore, This baby crib is painted with a non-toxic multistep paint and staining process. It is lead-free, phthalate-free, that beats ASTM international and US CPSC standards. All these tests make sure that the environment of your baby’s nursery remains healthy and content for your angel.

Looking at the design of the Modo crib, it is convertible. You can use it in three distinct ways. You can use at the crib for your newborn to 4-year toddler, and then if you want to convert it into a daytime bed, you can do it. Further, it can convert to a toddler bed as you remove the sidebars. This crib can be modified according to your little one’s desires.

The design of this crib is durable enough to grow beside your newborn. It is designed with the finest New Zealand pine wood that is the most reliable woods. Furthermore, this crib offers a neater look with no visible screws or bolts at the outside exterior. It is carefully crafted with the hidden hardware. You can also Improve the package with the 3-drawer dresser from Modo too.

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  • 3-in-1 design
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Durable with NewZealand pine wood
  • Safe from non-toxic paints and finishes
  • Posses safety certification
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Different colour choices


  • Too wide for standard size mattresses

Final Verdict

This babyletto Modo is the best cribs non toxic. The reason to claim this is it has passed several tests and standards, which makes them best for the baby’s nursery. This fine crib is crafted from NewZealand pinewood and then painted with non-toxic phthalate-free paint, which makes sit a healthy choice. Furthermore, you can use it in three different ways: a baby crib, day bed, and toddler bed.

  1. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib 

Best Portable Mini Crib For Baby

Delta is yet another brand for the top quality baby cribs. This crib from the Delta is a little smaller size than the standard cribs. It is suitable for small spaces. This crib comes with the casters beneath the feet of the crib, which makes it portable and more comfortable to move around the house.

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib

Besides, this crib is designed in a way that it can be folded straight so that you can effortlessly lug it, or you can store it when not using it. When you buy this crib, you will be getting a 1.5 inches thick mattress includes in the package. This mattress has its offerings for the baby. It comes with 100 percent waterproof, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic, which are the top consideration for the crib.

That said, for the mattress, you can also adjust the height of the bed with its two-position adjustments. You can lower the crib mattress when your baby starts to stand or sit or vice versa. You can expect a longer life of this crib as it carries strong and sturdy wood construction.

If we talk about the safety standard of this crib, it comes with the JPMA certifications. This makes this crib a safer option as it beats all the standards set by the CPSC and ASTM. It is tested and approved for the toxic chemical like lead, phthalate, and others, which is why it is the best crib for baby non toxic travel. This crib can bring the complements to your kids’ nursery with its sleek and classic look.

This delta crib offers different color assortments from which you can choose your favorite one. The colors options you can get are drey, natural, white, dark cherry, and dark chocolate color. You might have impressed by the looks and design of the crib, but you will be surprised by its price oo as it comes at a very reasonable price. So get this safe and hygienic crib for baby’s nursery.


  • Meets all safety standards
  • Comes with non-toxic mattress
  • Folding design makes it portable
  • Easy moving with wheels below
  • Two-position adjustments for mattress
  • Different colour options
  • Easy to assemble


  • Small size is not for toddlers
  • Mattress quality is not good

Final Verdict

The Delta crib comes with all the requirements for the baby’s sound sleep.  First of all, its folding design and wheels beneath feet make it easy to move. Then its security standards meetup make it the safest choice. With this crib, the hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and waterproof mattress is another addon to the package.

  1. Dream On Me, Aden 4-in-1 Convertible

Baby Crib 4 In 1 Convertible

Dream On Me is a family-oriented brand committed to provide safe and quality baby products. This Aden of dream On Me is a highly versatile mini crib. If you share your bedroom with a baby, this famous Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is the ideal option for a small room. The Aden crib needs a small area but provides your kid with plenty of sleeping space as well as continuing convertibility choices.

Dream On Me Aden 4 In 1 Convertible

You can use different ways as a baby crib, as a mini size day bed, a twin size bed, and a twin size bed with footboard. In other words, this crib will eventually grow with the changing needs of the baby. This crib comes with a unique 3-position mattress support system; you can adjust the height of the mattress as your baby grows. But remember that twin size rail and bed frame is sold separately, so you have to pay extra for it.

The primary feature that we consider in our guide is non=toxic materials. So talking about that, Aden is JPMA certified. It levels with all the safety standards issued by the CPSC and ASTM. Every product they deliver is tested and verified by the third-party laboratories to ensure that they are lead and other toxic compounds free. Your kid can enjoy a healthy and content environment in this mini crib

This crib carries a fine NewZealand pinewood, which provides this crib with a durable and trendy look. The clean design of this crib and a small footprint makes it a perfect fit for any room or nursery. This mini crib is available in seven different colors so you can choose according to your home décor. Another great thing is that it only weighs 20 pounds, making it easy to move around the house.  So given these baby crib prices, it offers excellent versatility and protection for your baby’s space.


  • JPMA certified for non-toxic chemicals
  • Lightweight with 20 pounds weight
  • 4-in-1 design
  • 3-position mattress adjustment
  • Compact design with adequate space for baby
  • Seven Different colour assortments
  • Easy to assemble


  • Baby can scratch the finish

Final Verdict

This Dream On Me Aden baby crib comes with great versatility and protection. It can grow with your baby as it can transit from crib to baby day bed, twin bed, and twin size bed with footboard. And when you upgrade It from crib to bed, it does not compromise its quality as it has passed several standard tests and has been proven safe for the kids. 

  1. LOAOL Baby Crib Bumper Knotted

Baby Crib Bumper Filled With Non-Toxic

the cribs are the necessary item of the baby’s nursery, but it comes with a danger of kids stocking or bumping head, arms and feet too. While you get a non-toxic crib for the baby, it is also necessary to get the crib protector that is crib bumper. That is why we added this LOAOL crib bumper in our list of best cribs for baby non toxic.

Loaol Baby Crib Bumper Knotted

This LOAOL baby crib is an aesthetically appealing yet baby-friendly crib on our list. It comes with a braided design for a bumper that covers all the sides of the crib. This bumper is lovely with three different color braid styles. This bumper provides extra safety for the baby as it protects your baby from bumping or stucking his head, feet, or hands on to the sides of the crib.

Many other bumper filling contains polyester filling, which is toxic for babies, but this bumper comes with non-toxic extra thin PP cotton filling. Also, the lining of this bumper is super soft to touch and comes four meters in length. You will have content sleeping time with its maximum protection as it will cover all four sides of the crib.

This crib bumper is flexible enough to adjust with any type of crib. Suppose you want to fit this bumper in other baby carriers, you conveniently do it. You can check it in the toddler stroller, carriage, or bassinet for increasing maximum protection for the baby. Owing to its intelligent design with no extra ties or knots, it works with all the crib or cradle and toddler beds.

Besides using it in the crib, it can also be used to elevate the look of the nursery. You can also utilize it as a back cushion to provide support to the baby. Further, you can use it as a sleeping pillow as it is plush soft for the head support. Lastly, with its appealing look, you can simply place it on the baby bed for decoration. In short, it can make an excellent gift for the newborns and parents.


  • Stylish braided style bumper
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Non-toxic filling
  • Multipurpose bumper
  • Maximum coverage with long length


  • Requires careful washing

Final Verdict

Getting a  crib is a must for the babies, but the proper protection is even of great significance for the baby. So this baby bumper by LOAOL is the nin toxic baby crib bumper in our guide. It contains a delicate cotton lining at the outside and non-toxic filling in the inside. You can use it as a pillow, in the stroller or crib.

  1. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

“Best Cheap Crib For Baby”

This Emery is another pick from Delta in our non-toxic baby cribs review. It comes with fantastic offerings for your baby. Firstly, it is 4-in-1 crib means that it can be used as a crib, toddler bed with a small railing, day bed, and a full bed with a headboard. Although, you have to buy the toddler guardrail and full-size metal bed frame separately. In other words, you can customize this baby crib according to your little one requirements.

Delta Children Emery 4 In 1 Convertible

If you have a newborn baby, you can set the mattress to the lowest position, and as it grows, you can adjust the position accordingly with its 3-position adjustment for the bed. This baby rib by Delta comes to a standard size. The design of this crib is seamless and smooth, with no visible screws or bolts. The beautiful bell-shaped headboard can complement any nursery.

To make sure the baby safety, this crib comes with JPMA certification. This certification makes sure that it beat or meet all the safety criteria established by CPSC snd ASTM. This baby crib makes sure that your baby stays in a healthy environment, and it is tested and verified for the lead and other toxic compounds. This pick from Delta is compatible with Ikea baby cribs mattress.

You can expect a longer life from its sturdy and robust wood construction. The Delta has crafted this beautiful crib from the finest pine wood from NewZealand. Furthermore, it does not ask for any complicated assembling; instead, it is easy to assemble. You will get four different colour assortments of this excellent baby crib. In short, it has everything for your baby’s nursery.


  • 4-in-1 crib
  • Safe with a non-toxic finish
  • Fine pine wood from NewZealand make it durable
  • JPMA certified


  • expensive

Final Verdict

Resilient, secure, and trendy, for years ahead, this delta children’s emery 4-in-1 crib can delight your baby. It is built to be a key component of your baby’s life through childhood onwards as it can transit from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed. This finely built crib is also JPMA approved to ensure the wellbeing of your infant, including a lightly angled headboard and airy railings.

  1. Babyletto Bixby Metal Crib with Toddler Bed 

High-Quality Baby Crib With Bed

this Bixby by Babyletto is one of the best choices for the non-toxic baby cribs. This Bixby crib is a distinctively designed crib that depicts the look of a mid-century yet offers a modern feature for your little one’s nursery. Talking about the design, you will get a classic airy metal frame with rounded edges and a stained sturdy hardwood base.

Babyletto Bixby Metal Crib

In this baby crib, you can get the benefits of toddler bed and daybed too as it comes with 3-in-1 convertibility option. You can also conveniently adjust the mattress as it offers three adjustable positions. All these perks of convertibility you can get with its conversion. The low profile design of the baby crib makes it quickly put your newborn to sleep.

The main feature in any baby crib is its safety measures for the baby. This Babyletto product comes with the powder-coated metal finish, which uses a multiple steps staining procedure. This finish of the crib comes with the lead –free and phatalate free and beats the ASTM and CPSC standards. To cut the chase, it follows all the safety guidelines for the babies safety so that you can worry-free put your baby to rest in this crib.

This Babyletto baby crib, unlike other cribs, can be used for wear and tear of use with its durable finish. It is designed for the peppy toddlers with a top quality finish, metal and wood base. The hidden hardware technology of this crib offers a cleaner look with no unnecessary bolts and screws. In other words, this babyletto provides several useful features which justify its price.


  • classic mid-century look
  • 3-in-1 conversion option
  • 3 positions mattress adjustments
  • Hidden hardware
  • Sturdy wood base
  • Non-toxic metal finish


  • expensive

Final Verdict

The Bixby offers a strikingly sleek, yet cosy look by mixing components with an elegant metal frame and a beechwood frame at the base. The Bixby provides a corresponding metal toddler bed conversion kit intended to rise beside your fashionable baby to transfer smoothly from crib to toddler bed to daybed. 

Best Non-Toxic Baby Cribs—Buyer Guide

To set your baby’s nursery you have to take proper safety measures for the baby. As you want to keep the environment of your baby’s space clean so following are some considerations for Best Non Toxic Baby Cribs.

Meets safety standards:

A lead-free and phatalate-free finish of the crib is a must for the baby crib. If the crib meets CPSC or ASTM standards it ensures that it does not contain any toxic element in the finish.

Position adjustment for mattrese: if the crib offers 2 or 3 position adjustments for the mattress of the crib it will be a plus point. You can safely put your toddler into minimum mattrese adjustment while the newborn can rest in maximum adjustment.

Convertibility options: the ease to convert crib to daybed or toddler bed provides versatility for the crib. You can change the crib according to your desires.

Durable construct: a sturdy crib is the one that comes with a pinewood construction from Newzealand. so our top preference in our guide was the crib crafted from Newzealand Pinewood.


So that is all of our guides. I wish happy parenting to you, and I hope that you might have to find the perfect pick of the crib from our guide. We kept all the requirements that we stated in our guide top priority during the search for best non toxic baby cribs.  You can check the products that we listed and get the perfect one.

Suppose you are still not sure about the best one from our guide. We can ease you this trouble by recommending the winner of your list. The winner of our list is Dream On Me Aden  4-in-1 baby crib. While offering the versatility of four modes, it provides more excellent protection by meeting all the ASTM and CPSC standards. So go for it and enjoy the content environment of your baby’s room.

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