9 Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head In 2022

best pillow for baby flat headKids love to play with their pillows, but it’s important they don’t get too attached. We all know a baby can outgrow clothes and shoes in a matter of months, but the same is true for pillows. The right pillow at the right time will help your little one have better sleep habits from day one.

What are the Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head? Babies spend about 16 hours of their day sleeping. If you’re wondering what pillows for baby flat head your child should use, then this article is for you!

When a baby’s head is always in the same position, it can cause an unnatural curve to form on their skull. This condition is called “flat head syndrome” and typically occurs when the child spends too much time lying down or sitting with their chin tucked into their chest.

It can cause damage to your child’s skull, which may be permanent if left untreated. Babies are most susceptible to this condition while they are sleeping in their cribs because of the relatively soft mattress that presents no resistance to their heads.

“If you want to get rid of flat head syndrome, then your priority should be to ensure that the baby has a comfortable sleep. The good news is that there are many ways to prevent this from happening! One of these methods includes using a specially designed pillow for babies that will help support their neck and allow them to sleep comfortably without tucking their chin.

you can also prevent flat head syndrome from forming is by ensuring that your baby always sleeps with their head facing up. If your infant doesn’t have room to sleep with their head raised, it is best that they are sleeping on the opposite side of the flat part of their head — this allows for even distribution throughout the night.

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9 Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head In 2022

  1. Hidetex Baby Pillow – Anti Flathead Baby Pillow

These days, there are many pillows designed for infants on the market. Not all of them are good, though. Many are made with poor quality material that can harm your child’s skin!

hidetex baby pillow

That is why you need Hidetex Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head – one of the new age pillows that are made to suit our kids perfectly. It provides perfect support for babies as young as newborn, up until they are 1 year old. This means it grows with your child, so you can get your money’s worth. The baby pillow can also be used in strollers and cribs, and has a hole for the car seat handle to go through. Your little one will sleep like an angel with this pillow keeping their head in the correct position all night long.

Made from 100% cotton, your child is guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep. This means you can even dispose of it once your child outgrows it! There’s no need to keep an anti flat head baby pillow that they are not comfortable with. So what are you waiting for?

Innovative Design The design of this anti flat head baby pillow is so perfect that it allows the infant to rest in any position comfortably. This way, there will be no unnecessary pressure on your baby’s spine and neck.

this pillow features a uniquely designed three-dimensional structure. It allows the pillow to ‘hug’ the infant’s body closely without stressing it. Your child can sleep on its side, back or tummy – whatever position he finds most comfortable!

This is also beneficial because it provides enough support for your child’s head and neck without letting him sink too low into the pillow. The special material used for filling takes away all risks of flat head syndrome!

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  • Money back guarantee
  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Prevent flat head syndrome
  • Easy to use
  • Use in cots, rocking prams, push chairs, strollers
  • Suitable 0-12 months


  • A little thick for the newborn

  1. Babymoov Lovenest Organic Baby Headrest

Babymoov’s Lovenest Organic Baby Headrest is a unique, patented product that provides support for your baby while sleeping.It was created by Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, a pediatrician who specializes in the study of baby posture and movement. The Lovenest’s unique design has been tested and approved by millions of babies and families around the world.

babymoov lovenest organic baby headrest

The patented design distributes pressure evenly over the skull while letting babies move their head freely. This creates a unique cocoon-like holding effect that effectively helps prevent postural plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

It is designed to be used on the floor or on any bed as it fits all standard beds (mattress up to 50cm). It can also be used as a nursing pillow or seated cushion when your child is older.

The fabric is made of 100% certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means it meets the strictest requirements in terms of safety for babies’ skin.

Its ergonomic shape supports the natural curves of your baby’s spine and helps maintain good posture to prevent back pain as they grow. It can be used with all types of baby gear such as bassinets, bouncers, swings, play mats, strollers, car seats and more.


  • Organic
  • Prevent flat head syndrome
  • Cotton fill material
  • Head and neck support


  • Creates hairfall

  1. Organic Cotton Breathable – Baby Pillow for Newborn

The Organic Cotton Breathable Baby Pillow is made of double-sided with Global certified 100% organic cotton fabric (Global Organic Textile Standard) and it is breathable. The velvety soft organic cotton surrouding your baby’s head, is a gentle and natural way to support your growing belly while sleeping.

organic cotton breathable baby pillow for newborn

The cotton headrest provides support for the back of the neck and cushions the shoulders while preventing flat areas on babies side. This pillow makes a great addition to any cozy nursery or play area!

It is machine washable at 30C max. The adorable cloud lamb design will look great in any room. This pillow is made of 100% natural organic cotton that was naturally finished so it doesn’t irritate the skin like other materials may, making this an ideal gift for new parents. It can be used in the car to provide your child with extra head support when they fall asleep, which is very convenient for parents.

This product has a very neutral color that blends well with most interiors. It’s very soft and comfortable, as well as perfectly sized to be used by a baby or toddler. The best thing about it is how easy it is to clean. You can simply hand wash this pillow instead of having to worry about your washing machine ruining the cover like you might with other options on the market.

This headrest is made using a unique and breathable cotton blend material that can be used as a body pillow for your child to rest their entire body against. When they fall asleep, you can lay it on top of them and provide support to the head and neck area.


  • Double sided with cotton material
  • Comfy design
  • Easy to wash
  • Trackable certification number
  • Prompt refund


  • Not recommended for newborn

  1. Baby Pillow for Flat Head Prevention

The Baby Pillow is a must-have for any new parent. Designed to cradle your infant’s head in the perfect sleeping position, allowing unobstructed breathing for a deep revitalizing sleep, which will improve their health and development.

baby pillow for flat head prevention prevent

The Sweeterbaby pillow is a must-have newborn baby pillow. It keeps your infant’s head in alignment with their spine to prevent plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and other related conditions.

The unique design of this baby pillow cradles your newborn’s head while allowing plenty of room for growth. This is the perfect solution to help prevent flat head syndrome without the use of a traditional cradle cap, which can be dangerous for your infant.

The Sweetbaby Pillow is a gentle and ergonomic solution to flat head syndrome. Soft enough for newborns, the pillow provides a secure place to rest their little heads while not restricting growth in any way.

This baby pillow does not use straps or clamps that can put pressure on growing bones and lead to other health problems. Your baby can rest their little head in the pillow during feeding time or when they are done nursing. The snug fit of this pillow prevents them from rolling off and getting hurt if you need to leave your baby for a minute.

This baby pillow is made with 100% organic materials, making it safe during birth. The Sweetbaby Pillow also offers you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and comfortable.

The pillow is designed to be used in a wide variety of places such as the crib, bed, car seat, stroller and anywhere your infant’s head needs to be properly positioned.


  • Comfortable
  • Safe and gentle
  • Use anywhere
  • Revitalizing sleep
  • Organic cotton


  • Pillow size is too small

  1. Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable – Organic Cotton

This pillow is a safe and comfortable sleeping pillow for newborns. It is ideal to use as a nursing pillow or even as a tummy time pillow. This organic baby pillow will provide your newborn with the comfort they deserve while you are busy doing other things around the house.

baby pillow for newborn breathable

Breathable sequential 3D-air Mesh construction keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Well ventilated 3D Cool Air net fabric is used for the back. The front side is 100% Organic Cotton fabric bonded with sponge and it reinforce a sense of durability and cushioning. The cotton cover makes it easy to clean so you can keep your baby’s new favorite toy clean at all times.

The cute baby pillow with concave center for flat head prevention And 100% Hypoallergenic 3D Air Mesh filling, which has good ventilation function to keep baby’s head cool in summer and warm in winter.

This baby pillow can be used as a rest for newborn babies between 3-12 months old whenever they need to go out of car seat or stroller,fits all standard size makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

This pillow is very easy to clean, just throw it into the washing machine or hand wash it with warm water and mild soap. This product comes in great packaging that helps it get to you safe and sound. It includes a manual with instructions on how to clean your pillow.


  • 100% cotton
  • Concave center
  • 100% risk free guaranteed
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • Flat head prevention


  • Fabric quality not good
  • stitches are coming out

  1. Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

BabeBay Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow is designed to help parents and babies sleep better. Babies love to feel secure, and the head support helps them feel safe and secure while sleeping on their backs. This can be a great tool for helping baby get off to a good night’s rest! It also provides comfort and support for your little one as they nap during the day.

newborn baby head shaping pillow

Another feature this pillow offers is its firmness; it’s not too hard and not too soft. The cover is made of velour, which is very soft and breathable, making sure that baby feels comfortable at all times.

The BabeBay Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow is made from 100% cotton fabric that is machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean! It helps to maintain the natural curve of your baby’s spine, which can help reduce or prevent flat head syndrome.

It provides comfort, support and relief for both you and your baby during nursing. The design encourages proper positioning for breastfeeding which can help increase milk production and relieve pain in your arms, shoulders and back. The organic design of the pillow makes it safe to use for your child, with no harmful chemicals or toxins. This not only helps you, but also contributes to a clean environment for baby!

Be sure to always wash the pillow in warm water before its first use.


  • Head and neck support
  • Prevent flat head
  • Breathable fabric
  • Hollow design
  • 3D curved pillow


  • Shape of the dip part is not good

  1. Cherish Baby Pillow – Flat Head Syndrome

Cherish Baby Pillow is the best way to protect your baby’s head shape and prevent flat-head syndrome, brachycephaly, and torticollis. It also helps treat them by gently correcting head shape.

cherish baby pillow

The pillow comes with a removable inner protective cover that can be machine washed. Cherish Baby Pillow is a safe and natural way to prevent flat-head syndrome, also known as brachycephaly. It’s the only pillow with an inner protective cover that you can remove for easy cleaning.

The pillowcases are made of 100% cotton that are soft on your baby’s delicate skin. This makes it easy to clean after each use so you won’t have to worry about potential skin irritations. The pillowcase can be removed completely so you can wash it with the rest of your laundry.

The 4-way adjustable strap allows you to place this newborn head support in any position that works best for you. It attaches easily between most baby cribs (sold separately) and can safely secure your baby’s head and neck without risk of suffocation.

The Cherish Baby Pillow provides a cozy, comforting feeling for babies and makes them feel more secure during sleep and playtime. You will be able to use the pillow as long as it is needed! The high quality materials make this newborn nursing pillow breathable and comfortable to be used even on hot days.


  • Protect baby head shape
  • Super easy to clean
  • Peace of mind protection
  • Textile safety certification
  • Head shaping pillow


  • Doesnt work for flat side

  1. OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

You want the best for your baby. You want something that is soft, cozy, and everything you could ever imagine to keep him cool during sleep time.

occobaby baby head shaping memory foam pillow

It may seem like a baby’s head is small enough that any pillow will provide some degree of comfort, but it’s not. Babies’ skulls are very delicate and sensitive to pressure — you don’t want them over-packing their noggin with too much stuffing.

One comforting night of sleep on our OCCObaby & your baby’s cranium will be so appreciative! Unlike the old-school pillows filled with lots of smelly foam or feathers, ours is luxuriously comfortable yet totally safe for an infant’s skin.

OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow is the best pillow for your baby to sleep on. The unique shape of the pillow coupled with high-density memory foam alleviates pressure from laying on the back and prevents flat head syndrome. Available in two sizes, OCCObaby’s baby pillow can be used by newborns, infants & toddlers. It is also available in three colors (blue, pink, green) that will complement any nursery decor.

the only product on the market that is made from memory foam that has been specially ventilated for your little ones’ comfort. This design provides a cool and fresh sleeping environment for you and your baby. The foam also wraps around them with individually wrapped side bolsters to provide gentle head shaping while they snooze away in peace.

Additionally, the cushion is made with non-toxic CertiPur certified foam, which has passed tests to ensure that there are no nasty chemicals lurking in there. This product also passed the stringent CPSIA testing standard to make sure it’s safe for your child.


  • Safe design
  • 100% cotton inner
  • Ample shoulder room
  • Keeps baby head round
  • Best baby shower gift


  • Pillow goes flat

  1. Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Baby Pillow

Looking for a versatile baby pillow? Look no further than the Babymoon Pod! This handy pillow can be used for flat head prevention, car seat and stroller support, tummy time, and nursing. Plus, it comes in a fun blue color that your little one will love!

babymoon pod multipurpose baby pillow

Babymoon Pods also double as versatile car seats, strollers, swings, and bouncers, saving you time & money. Great for any traveling mommy on the go. Diaper bag, chair cover or even a stroller shade. Throw it in your car for traveling so you have plenty of extras to keep baby happy when they get tired.

This is a great gift. Not only for expectant mothers, but also for anyone who needs more Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head of different types on their bed or sofa, or anyone who wants to have a few spare ones on hand. It is so versatile yet so simple. We love the idea of taking one baby shower gift and it being the only thing that the new family needs for their baby aside from clothes.

The Babymoon Pod is a multifunctional, all-in-one cushion that’s been designed with comfort in mind from birth to 48 months of age. For newborns and infants up to six months old, its curved shape provides head support that snuggles the infant into a cozy position, while it also helps reduce flat spots on their growing skull.

A babymoon pillow will ensure your infant is properly protected from the incline of the head, an area prone to flat shape of the skull which can lead to molding, plagiocephaly (a condition where one side of the skull develops an abnormal shape) and brachycephaly (an unusually short skull).

Is this fabric easy to clean? The outer shell is 100% polyester while the filling is made from 100% polyplex fiber, which means machine washing and drying are convenient! you will love these pillows because they serve multiple functions for your little angels.


  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Versatile
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Newborn to toddler uses
  • Machine washable


  • Pillow neck area is too bulky

Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head – Buying Guide

The best type of pillow for babies who have flat heads include those made with memory foam, as they mold around your child’s head and provide great comfort while also preventing any pressure points from forming. Memory foam pillows are also breathable so you don’t have to worry about your child overheating while sleeping on this type of pillow.

Even if your baby isn’t suffering from flat head syndrome, they will still sleep better on a high-quality memory foam pillow than one made with low-quality materials. Memory foam pillows are known for their ability to evenly distribute both weight and heat, which results in a more restful sleep for your child.

Since memory foam is made with slightly different materials it’s not uncommon to find cheaper versions of this type of pillow on the market today — many which are filled with plastics or other synthetic products that can actually make it harder for your baby to get a good night’s sleep.

A good alternative to using a pillow for babies would be investing in a baby wedge pillow . These specially designed pillows are flat at the top and they can be placed under your child’s head and neck while they sleep. These types of pillows are great because the baby will not have to rely on their head getting stuck in a similar position all night, which is what typically causes flat head syndrome.

What size of pillow should you get?


When choosing pillows for baby flat head, it is important to consider the size of the pillow. A large pillow will crowd your infant’s face and restrict movement. Try to find a pillow that is at least 40 inches by 30 inches and has an extra thick loft (between 4 and 6 inches).


A curved pillow will offer proper alignment by gently resting against your baby’s natural postural curve, while a pillow with sharp edges or corners could cause your child discomfort. The ideal contour pillow has a slight concave dent in the middle, which will cradle your baby’s head without disrupting his or her natural posture.

Anti microbial

As a parent, you should always consider anti-microbial properties when choosing a pillow for your child. Microbes thrive in wet and warm environments, such as a warm room or a cushion that is frequently used by an infant. By choosing a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial pillow you are reducing the risk of your child being exposed to germs.


Ergonomic pillows are specifically designed for restless sleepers who move throughout the night. They are also beneficial because the cushioned portion reduces nighttime reflux while allowing enough material between your baby’s face and shoulder to promote air circulation.


Material should be another consideration when selecting a pillow for your baby. For example, you should choose hypoallergenic material over materials that are easily stained or harbor bacteria, such as polyester or vinyl. Cotton is the most popular fabric choice because it’s not only comfortable but also easy to clean.

It is important to take into consideration if your infant is allergic to certain fabrics. Not all babies are the same and there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself purchasing several different pillows before settling on one that works for your child.


The best pillows for Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head are those that offer support and comfort. This includes a pillow with a higher loft, which will provide the perfect amount of space between your child’s head and the mattress.

The right pillow should also have an ergonomic shape to reduce pressure on the neck and spine, as well as anti-microbial properties to prevent bacteria from developing in warm, damp places where your child might sleep.

Once you’ve found the right pillow, try placing it against your baby’s back so he or she can’t roll over onto the flat spot. This prevents your infant from sleeping in an unnatural position and can actually make a noticeable difference in as little as two weeks.

We are all different which means that there is not just one type of pillow that will work for everyone. If you have a flat head, then the Hidetex Baby Pillow might be perfect for your child or baby.

The Hidetex Baby Pillow has been designed to address this issue and with its unique design it can help alleviate the problem by keeping their head in an upright position while they sleep. If you know someone who could benefit from this product, don’t hesitate to share these benefits with them today!


what is the best pillow for baby with the flat head?

children with flat head syndrome are more likely to be bottle-fed or given a pacifier while sleeping on their back. Childhood association of these two habits is the most likely reason that is not why they have this condition. A pillow could work, but there’s no way to tell for sure since its just speculation.

The baby probably doesn’t need anything special except for keeping them off their back at night and making sure they’re fed in an upright position during the day.

Are flat head pillows Safe for Babies?

It is safe for babies if they are of an appropriate weight. It’s also made so the baby can’t easily roll out of bed during sleep which reduces the chances of suffocation. Manufacturers will usually have a safety label on their products, and here in America we’re required to warn consumers with a warning label that it IS NOT SAFE to use any pillow covering materials not included in the manufacturing package (dust mite and allergen warnings).

Does a baby’s flat head correct itself?


A baby’s skull is actually in a constant process of remodeling and the head buckle corrects itself in most cases. Certain conditions such as craniosynostosis can prevent this from happening, but it usually will in most cases.

How can I reshape my baby’s flat head?

A baby’s posture may be adjusted by refraining from holding the child too close to the chest or back, and building neck strength.

Holding a baby close to your chest may make it difficult for him/her to stand up due their poor head control. Building neck strength will allow them greater rotation of their heads which will in turn lead to favorable changes in posture. Adults who are unable to rotate their necks should also focus on strengthening exercises that target these muscles.

Do pillows prevent flat head?

Yes, pillows do help to prevent a flat head, but it is very important for a baby’s head to be placed on a portion of the pillow that is not under an adult’s neck. A bulge in the pillow should never go down or towards your feet.

The lower half of the body will keep their spine in alignment while resting on their back. Pillows are not designed to support weight on top of them and suffer compression from adults who rest their heads upon them.

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