Top 5 Best Shoes For Baby With Fat Feet In 2021

When your babies start walking or crawling around the house, it doubles your responsibility. You have to check Best Shoes For Baby With Fat Feetexplicitly for any dangerous things not to be reachable by the babies. Besides all these, it is also time for your little one to upgrade from socks to shoes.

So here begins the scavenge for the comfortable best shoes for a baby with fat feet, which do not trouble your baby. Buying the first pair of shoes will give you good vibes, but it will not be a simple job if your baby has fat feet. The baby’s high instep and fat feet will make it difficult for you to find the comfortable pair for a new-to-shoes baby.

You have to look for the baby shoes for several things as the uncomfortable shoes will leave your kid troubled with the boots. But don’t worry about the baby’s fat feet as we have his guide of baby shoes for you. You can have a look at our guide and select the right one for those chubby little feet.

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5 Best Shoes For Baby With Fat Feet 2021 – Comparison Table

Sr. NoProductMaterial TypeCheck Price
1Stride Rite Soft MotionLeather and Synthetic Check Price
2Crocs Kids' Classic ClogCroslite Check Price
3BMCiTYBM Breathable MeshTextile Check Price
4ikiki Squeaky ShoesFabric-and-Synthetic Check Price
5Ro + Me by RobeezLeather Check Price
  1. Stride Rite Soft Motion – Jamie Athletic Sneaker

Top Best Budget Shoes For Babies

Our third pick is stride rite baby shoes. This pick from stride rite comprises 100 percent leather and synthetic material. The leather design on these shoes, along with style laces, makes for a sporty look. Your super-active kid can stay super-active with the comfort of these shoes all-day.

Stride Rite Soft Motion

It can make good baby shoes for fat feet with its hook and loop closure strap. Simply pull the strap and slide your baby’s fatty feet in and then snugly put the belt on. These shoes can be the best buddy of little feet as it houses twill lining with anti-microbial treatment. You will not encounter any stinky smell or else with these shoes on.

These shoes are breathable enough with the mesh top too. The lightweight and full cushioning at the inside of these shoes make for walking on clouds experience.  Don’t worry if your baby is off to the park or beach. You easily clean these shoes with a damp cloth. These stride rite’s booties have a rubber outsole with rounded edges and toe protectors.

The stride rite is thoughtful of the baby’s needs for the shoes. Along with a textured outsole, this bottom supports baby’s to take their first steps more gently. These shoes are excellent support for balancing the body while hugging the fat feet of your baby. You can buy these shoes for your infant and toddler both as it comes in different sizes, which is why they are best toddler shoes for walking too.


  • Sporty look
  • Easy slip-on with adjustable strap
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • grippy outsole
  • comes for infant and toddlers


  • Only few colour choices

  1. Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog – Unisex Shoes

Classic Water Shoes For Babies 

Crocs claim that Crocs are for everyone. They are 100 percent right in this assertion. Like the adult classic crocs, this smaller version of the crocs offers excellent comfort and support for your little one and can make the best walking shoes for baby with fat feet. If you need an easy slip on and off your new-walker boots, then croc will do the job.

Crocs Kids Classic Clog

As for crocs, they are super-light and fun to wear shoes. They are water-friendly and easy to clean, too, thanks to its crostile foam construction. The crostile also molds to the feet’ shape, and it does not matter how fat your kids’ feet are, it will easily accommodate it.

To keep the comfort at max, these shoes have perforations at the top for the shoes’ breathability. These perforations also keep yours from getting debris into the boots while having fun at the beach. The non-marking outsole of these shoes makes sure that you have a grip on any floor.

You can also pull down and up the back strap of these shoes for babies with fat feet to adjust appropriately. If your baby is young for the slipper style, you can pull down the back strap for a secure fit. And for a grown-up kid, you can also pull the strap at the front. Furthermore, these unisex, outdoor, and indoor shoes are available in multiple colors so that you can choose for girt and boy accordingly.

You can also check the Best Shoes for baby atLOWEST PRICE ON AMAZON“.


  • extra wide baby shoes
  • Breathable
  • Backstrap for a snug fit
  • Easy to clean and quick-drying
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Different colour choices


  • Not true to size

  1. BMCiTYBM Breathable Mesh Sneakers

Breathable Sneakers For Baby In 2021

The first shoes on our list are BMCiTYBM sneakers. You can buy these first walking shoes for your baby with your eyes closed as it houses some great attributes. First of all, the breathable upper mesh top of the boots is very alluring. Your baby can feel comfortable without sweating of feet in these shoes.

Bmcitybm Baby Shoes

Secondly, these shoes offer complete cushioning with lightweight with memory foam footbed. Your baby can easily upgrade from socks to these shoes as it provides sock-like lightness on the feet.  The rubber outsole with coral grip patterns supports the baby in balancing the body and reduces falls and stumbles of those unstable little paws.

Next, you can see that the helmet-type toe cap. This toe-cap provides extra protection for the baby by reducing stumbles and falls. For your baby’s pre-walker, you want shoes that are easy to put on and off. These shoes come with a hook and loop closure. This strap provides adjustments for the fat little feet.

If you want to take your angel for some water-fun, you can take him/her too as these shoes are water-friendly and contain a quick-drying textile lining. This lining where makes for quick-drying can also contribute to the content feel for the baby. And one last thing about these shoes is that they are unisex and are available in different color assortments.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adjustable strap with an easy slip-on design
  • Water-friendly and quick drying
  • Grippy sole
  • Toe cap for reducing stumbles
  • Wide colour range to choose from


  • These shoes may slip-off of thin feet

  1. ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers

Best Comfortable Toddler Shoes 

Next on board is Ikiki squeaky shoes, which I will say are the best shoes for toddlers. You will fall in adoration with the cute eyes at the front of these shoes when you look at it. Not only cuteness overload here but also, the comfort is over the edge here. These pre-walkers will motivate your child to walk with its squeaky sounds. You can turn off/on the squeaks with a button at the sides of the shoes.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes For Toddlers

These amazingly cute shoes comprise a design that can accommodate both narrow and wide feet. You will see a Velcro strap at the midfoot, which will let you snug-fit those chubby paws. These shoes are soft sole baby shoes that provide heel-to-toe walking flexibility. This flexibility will help your baby to upgrade to these walker shoes easily.

The Ikiki takes care of the baby’s comfort, which is why it has a breathable top. Your kid will have proper airflow with this top. Furthermore, it does not compromise on the cushioning, too, as it has maximum padding inside. The easy slip-on design with a pull loop at the knee collar is just another add-on to these shoes.

These fun character shoes with cute tops do not forget to take care of the sole. It has a textured outsole to provide grip for the shaky little feet. And guess what? These shoes are available in many different characters and colors that you can choose from. So get these best baby shoes for narrow feet and fat feet to motivate your angel for walking.


  • Fun character design
  • Easily accommodate both narrow and wide feet
  • Adjustable with strap
  • Full cushioning
  • Different color variety
  • Squeaks can be turn off/on


  • Not for sand or beaches as it will ruin the squeaks

  1. Ro + Me by Robeez Kids Parker Sneaker

“Best Cheap Crib For Baby 2021”

Ro+Me by Robeez is our last pick for the best shoes for baby with fat feet. These casual shoes have several great features for the kids. These monochromatic grey shoes look just like the smaller version of elders’ casual shoes. The contrasting fabric detailing on the top of these shoes gives it a complementing look.

Ro Me By Robeez Unisex Child

For your convenience, these shoes have an easy slip-on design. Just slip-in that chubby feet in these shoes and adjust the Velcro strap on the higher instep of your child. The insole’s full cushioning along with an adjustable strap makes sure that these shoes hug the feet.

The pull loop at the back of these shoes makes for easy to put on and off the shoes. The outsole of these shoes provides traction and grip while maintaining flexibility at its best. These shoes can be best friends for every child.

It does not matter whether you are looking for shoes for your infant that crawls or toddlers that start to walk. The cushioned inside can also mold to the feet, which is why they are the best shoes for toddlers with flat feet. So get these casual first walker shoes for your kid and have fun.


  • Adjustable strap
  • Stylish and casual shoes
  • Non-slip
  • Flexible
  • Full cushioning for comfort


  • For baby boy only
  • Not for toddlers who walk

Best Shoes For Baby With Fat Feet—Buyer Guide

Before moving on to list, look at features that make any shoes the best shoes for baby with fat feet.


In all baby products, comfort is the top priority. The same goes for the shoes, so a breathable shoe with proper cushioning is a must for the little fat feet.


As little feet are struggling to walk, a flexible pair of shoes is necessary. The extra-wide baby shoes will work correctly for fat feet.

Easy slip-on

The comfortable slip-on shoes with adjustment of the strap on the instep or at the back will do the job for your kid’s fat feet.


Once your little one gets on his feet, the stumbles and falls begin. A good pair of shoes would provide proper traction and grip to those unsteady feet.


When should you put shoes on a baby?

The bones of the babies are so soft in the first few months. Constraining them in shoes early can congest their feet and might restrict them to grow well and adequately. Experts recommend explicitly take the baby to the shop where the expert children’s shoe fitter can measure and determine whether it is time for shoes or not.

Should babies wear shoes while learning to walk?

When babies are starting or learning to walk, it is best if they stay barefoot. If you do not want them to be barefoot during the course, then it is best to get the soled shoes. Bare feet are best to make them feel and touch different surfaces with the feet and helps to strengthen muscles. Once they start to walk around properly, you can upgrade them to a little firmer sole of the shoes.

For how long experts recommend soft sole shoes for babies?

The new to walk babies can find themselves comfortable in soft-sole shoes. You can have these shoes for up to 24 months for your baby. Previously it was assumed that children walk flat foot, but now the research says babies walk heel to toe. Hence it implies that there will be minimal pressure on the ankle.

How much bigger should I buy my child’s shoes?

The shoes are supposed to provide comfort, and if the baby shoes do not have enough space for the kids’ feet, they will no longer be comfortable. When buying the baby’s shoes, check that the shoes’ design comes with room at the toe part. A half-inch gap between toe will work for your baby’s comfort.


Finding the shoes for your baby is fun, but it is not that simple for fat feet. I hope this guide of ours helps you to find the best shoes for your chubby little feet. We explicitly checked every pair for comfort, adjustability for fat feet, non-slippiness and yes, and cuteness during our search.

We are optimistic that if you choose any product from this list, it will serve the purpose. Furthermore, for a quick recommendation, I will suggest Stride Rite motion sneakers. These shoes are the winner of our guide, owing to its unique features. Happy shopping to you!

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