8 Best Split Screen Baby Monitor Reviews In 2022

If you are blessed with the twin babies, congratulations!. Being parents of the two requires the attention of two times too. But certainly, you can not duplicate yourself or be at multiple places at the same time to take care of little ones. Best Split Screen Baby MonitorBut certainly, you can upgrade your house with cameras and surveillance so that you can make sure your kids’ safety.

Nowadays, a lot of cameras and baby monitors are available in the market and online. Some of them offer split-screen surveillance along with the multiple cameras to monitor. You can get your hands on them for watching your twins. But with a lot of options available, you feel that you might not have the best one of these.

So to find the best split-screen baby monitors, we have spent hours of research on the internet. We selected the eight best baby monitors. You can choose among them to get better care for the baby of your little ones. So let’s have a look at it.

8 Best Split Screen Baby Monitor In 2022 – Comparison Table

Sr. NoProductCheck Price
1VAVA 720P 5" HD Display Check Price
2VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Check Price
3Video Baby Monitor by Axvue Check Price
4Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor Check Price
5Moonybaby Trust 30-2 Check Price
6LBtech Video Baby Monitor Check Price
7CasaCam BM200 Video Check Price
8Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor Check Price
  1. VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display – Best Video Baby Monitor

Best Baby Split Screen Monitor

VAVA is one of the most adored brands among parents for a good reason. This VAVA baby monitor with the option to add up to 4 cameras offers a vaster coverage for your baby(s). with a crystal clear HD view of 720P on the 5 inches, the monitor can provide boosted colored display at day time and even more detailed presentation at night time with its infrared images.

Vava 720p 5 Hd Display

This baby monitors prompt you if your baby cries with its LED noise indicator. You can also keep yourself updated on room temperature with its external thermostat. The adjustable notification volume up to 7 levels can help you set the alert sounds according to your requirements.

You can always stay connected and instantly check your baby by turning the monitor on within a snap. As for the monitor, it does not ask you for any additional app setup, etc. You can remotely zoom up to 2X and 4x and also set an auto-pilot panoramic mode to take a better view of the nursery.

What’s more? This baby monitor offers up to 24 hours of uninterrupted surveillance in audio mode and up to 12 hours in display mode. Furthermore, you can watch your baby from any corner of the house remotely with its 480ft-900ft range. So if you want to get your hands on the best baby video monitor with a split-screen you can keep VAVA on the top.


  • Clear HD view with infrared night vision
  • Wider range monitoring
  • Adds up to four cameras
  • Autopilot panoramic view
  • Temperature indication
  • Remote zoom up to 4x
  • No chances of hacking as for wireless connection


  • The camera requires power through a wall socket

Final Verdict

This VAVA baby monitor is an improved design that can add up to 4 cameras in alternate screen mode. If you ask about its cameras, it offers a 720 P crisp view, remote zoom, infrared night vision, and autopilot panoramic view. Talking about its monitor, offers alternate screen options, sound adjustment, thermostat, quick powering, and alerts. In a nutshell, this baby monitor is the best to split screen video baby monitor that can keep you updated about your kids’ wellbeing all the time.

  1. VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound

Best Security Baby Monitor

This Vtech VM321 is another best choice for dual cameras. It comes up with an option for a single camera or adding two cameras to a single monitor. So if you want to monitor twin babies or want to watch your toddler in two different places, you can go for this Vtech on its excellent value.

Vtech Vm321 2 Safe Sound

Talking about its parent unit, it has quite a High-resolution colour LCD screen though the screen might seem a bit small with only 2.8 inches. Further, the motion comes with an automatic IR night vision so that you can conveniently monitor your baby at night without disturbing him.

If your toddler cries and you are cannot make to get him/her, you can comfort him with its 2-way talk-back intercom, or you can play one of the five preset lullabies. The monitor comes fitted with a six levels sound indicator that displays the noise even when the monitor is muted.

The most fantastic feature of Vtech is that its monitor can be set to alerts if the fan for room temperature rises or drops from your set threshold, when the camera and monitor connection is lost, and when the battery needs to recharge. So you can always stay updated and connected with your little one.

Offering a massive range of 1000 ft and 2.4 GHz for both audio and video, this monitor has your back to every corner of the house. This baby monitor also comes with a language preset to French or Spanish if you want extra security, this monitor offers DECT 6.0 digital technology.


  • Additional camera choices
  • Built-in lullabies
  • Quick alerts
  • Night vision display
  • Covers broader area
  • Language options
  • Cord management system
  • Highly secure with DECT 6.0


  • small screen display

Final Verdict

The VTech baby monitor is one of the highly recommended monitors for your baby as it fits with DECT 6.0 technology for hack-free surveillance. Furthermore, its features like 1000 ft range, additional camera choices, remote zoom, 2-way talk and lullabies, and temperature alerts make it one of the best dual baby monitor with split-screen.

  1. Video Baby Monitor by Axvue

Overall Best Monitor For Babies

The Avenue camera is one of the perfect dual-camera split screen baby monitors with a 4.3′′ LCD and other great features. This monitor is prepared to 360-degree horizontal rotation and 90 ° angle vertical rotation for better surveillance of the baby.

Video Baby Monitor With Remote

The monitor is comes fitted with both way speech choice, enabling you to communicate wirelessly and respond to your infant. Yet further, the four-camera system makes sure you adeptly track more kids or screen other areas of your house.

The high-resolution monitor provides a good picture display without blurriness. The efficient 2.4 GHz transmission with the higher resolution enables quality visual performance and quality surveillance. Sporadically or simultaneously, you can select to access all four video cameras.

The unit does come with two cameras, and it is possible to purchase the extra two separate. So you can keep an eye on your kid at four different locations. The monitor can transmit a picture up to 900 ft with regards to the transmitting distance.

The display for the Axvue Baby acts as a stand-alone system and needs no application setup. It offers sound with live real-time video. That being said,  you can detect the audio from one screen at a time. The device has a unique warning mechanism that turns on when it senses that the child is screaming.

To sense room temperature, it has specific sensors, thereby keeping you at the forefront of clothing specifications. Via the night vision technology, the cameras keep functioning in the night and retain you interacting with the child all the time. So lets cut the chase and get your hands on this Axuve baby monitor.


  • Quick alerts
  • Good Night vision display
  • Covers broader area of 900 ft
  • Remote Rotary cameras
  • Temperature sensor


  • Camera quality could be better

Final Verdict

Avenue is known for its top-notch products. This baby monitor by Axvue comes with remarkable attributes like a rotary camera, support for up to 4 cameras, an HD LCD screen, night vision, and an alert system. All these and other features contribute to the best split-screen baby video monitor.

  1. Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor 

Highly Safe & Sound Baby Monitors

The next highly desired baby monitor with two cameras is the MoonyBaby Split Screen 50 Two Cameras Video Baby Monitor. It is not like the typical model monitor. This baby monitor, with its excellent functionality, comes handy for better monitoring of your kids.

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

First of all, for those looking for a big display baby monitor, it houses a 5-inch HD color LCD screen, which is a real treat. This baby monitor fits up to 2 cameras, rendering it the perfect choice for watching multiple areas and using “Screen Split” mode to concurrently display two screens and select one camera for audio ideal for an expanding family.

This baby monitor houses excellent camera features. It fits with a high-resolution display without any blur, wide-angle lenses to cover more space, an auto night vision display for 24/7 monitoring, and up to 2X zoom option. So with all these camera features, you will get nothing but the best for your baby’s monitoring.

This baby monitor can be of great help to parents with its extra attributes like five pre-installed lullabies, room temperature sensors, and two-way talk-back functions. You can stay connected and updated for your kid’s safe all the time.

This baby houses a good battery, which supports the power saving mode too. In a power-saving manner, you will get VOX monitoring, which implies that you will hear sounds only for uninterrupted tracking. Furthermore, with its 2.4 GHz non-wifi connection, it supports a secured monitoring range up to 1000ft.

What’s more? This baby monitor can be configured quickly and is easy to set up, all it asks is a simple plugin socket for power, and you are good to go. This monitor neither requires wifi connection nor app installation, which leaves you stress-free of any security concerns.


  • Crisp and broader display
  • Split-screen option
  • Inbuilt lullabies and 2-way talk-back
  • Secured connection
  • Longer battery life with power-saving mode option


  • When charging the devices, it continuously beeps
  • In split-screen audio plays for only one camera

Final Verdict

This split-screen baby monitor by moon baby is an excellent pick for the parents. It comes fitted with some extraordinary features. Its split-screen monitor, different alerts, broader range, easy setup, and secured connection with other perks make it one of the best split-screen two camera baby monitor.

  1. Moonybaby Trust 30-2

“Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

We have another pick from moon baby. This moon baby trust 30 has a lot to offer to parents. It comes with two cameras and a monitor, but you can purchase up to 4 cameras with a single monitor. You can easily navigate between cameras through shortcut keys or by the SCAN view option.

This baby monitor incorporates digital wireless technology with 2.4 GHz interference-free signals, which offer a more secure and stable connection between the camera and monitor for up to 1000 ft. Furthermore, with its 2-way talk-back button, you are just a click away from your little one as you easily communicate.

Moonybaby Trust 30 2 Non Wifi

The battery of this baby monitor supports up to 8 hours on a single charge on power-saving mode. While in video mode, it can hold for 6 hours on continuous video mode. If you want a better view of the space, you can zoom in and out too with its monitor. If you’re going to soothe your baby as they cry, you can play one of the in-built five lullabies.

The camera of this monitor comes with a universal adjustable joint which you can freely adjust to your desired angles. Although it does not support an automatic adjustment; instead, you have to adjust the cameras to your desired positions manually.

The monitor offers a crisp and clear view for both day and night on its 4.3 inches large screen. In dim lights, the display is automatic to night vision mode for better monitoring. Additionally, if you press the auto-scan button, it will display all the connected camera display with a 10-sec interval for each. So count in as it is one of the best baby monitors on our list.


  • Good display with auto night vision
  • Broader range
  • Built-in lullabies and 2-way talking
  • Easy to configure with pre-paired cameras and monitor
  • Quick navigation through different cams


  • When charging the devices, lights and beeps
  • Battery life is not good

Final Verdict

This moon baby trust-30 is a rich-featured baby monitor with supports for up to 4 cameras. It corporates HD cameras, auto night vision, temperature display, alerts, 2-way talk, and much more for your little one’s safety. So if you want to monitor twin babies separately, you can rely on this baby monitor as it is the best baby monitor for twins with split-screen.

  1. LBtech Video Baby Monitor 

High Monitoring Split Screen Baby Monitor

This LBTech Video baby monitor is another decent choice for the best baby monitor with a split-screen. It comes with all the kit and caboodle for the baby monitoring. This monitor is a plug-and-play device that does not ask for any wifi setup or app installation.

Lbtech Video Baby Monitor

Talking about its monitor, it has a full HD colour LCD screen with a crisp and brighter view for both day and night. It incorporates 100 per cent digital technology, which offers extra security and privacy in real-time while you see your baby’s activities.

Initially, this monitor comes with only two cameras, but you can add up to four cameras with a single monitor. These cameras also support 2X remote zooming so you can better keep track of all the happenings in your child space. You can also adjust the camera angles manually as you desire.

If you want to talk to your little one while you are running your errands, you can do so with its 2-way talking function. The baby monitor comes with temperature monitoring, and even it alerts you when a sudden rise or decline in temperature is encountered.

The battery of this baby monitor is good but not impressive with only 8 hours of backup on video mode and 6 hours on VOX or power-saving mode. Although the camera gets power from a wall socket, it’s the monitor that arrives with a battery. The screen also turns on by itself when a sound or movement is detected, keeping you from gazing screen all the time.

This baby monitor provides support for monitoring your baby for up to 1000 ft area. So you can easily track your baby’s doing in your house. So all these great features contribute to a fantastic baby monitor.


  • Night vision display
  • Supports four cameras with a single unit
  • 1000 ft area coverage
  • The screen automatically turns on when something happens
  • Power saving mode
  • Temperature alerts


  • Battery life is not good

Final Verdict

You can count on this LBtech baby monitor as it supports four cameras for monitoring and a crisp and clear uninterrupted display of the monitor. Although the battery of the monitor may not impress you, you can rely on this for its other features.

  1. CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor

Night Vision and Temperature Monitoring

Casacam is one of the top recommended baby monitors. This baby monitor incorporates a large 5-inch touchscreen LCD having a user-friendly interface of the parent unit with six language options. You can also see the sound-activated LED lights that light up when any movement or sound is detected, so you don’t need to watch the monitor all the time.

Casacam Bm200 Video Baby Monitor

Like many other monitors, this also shows the temperature of the room. Additionally, you can also set the temperature range to alert you when it gets up or down. If you are worried that the parent unit does not have much power for that, it has a power save mode option, which toggles to sound mode only.

While accompanying an HD camera, it offers the convenience of the remote movement to pan 270-degree and tilt up to 110-degree. Furthermore, it incorporates night vision for the dimmer lights, two-way communication, in-built lullabies, and easy setup with wall mounting bracket.

Besides remotely moving the camera, you can also zoom it remotely to see the happenings in your baby space. You can also add up to four cameras to a single unit, although it will cost extra. When you add additional cameras, it offers to monitor all four with single, split, or quad display to watch all the cameras at the same time.

Unlike the other wifi monitors, this one offers non-wifi connection with 2.4 GHz wireless digital technology, so making sure that it’s you only who monitors the baby. Furthermore, the camera is easy to place it on the table or mount it on the wall with brackets.


  • Remote camera control
  • Can monitor up to 4000 ft
  • Touchscreen display
  • Simultaneous display of up to 4 cameras
  • Easy charging with cradle
  • Long camera cord with USB port for outdoor connections


  • Battery life is not good

Final Verdict

CasaCam is easy to configure baby monitors with some the great features. You can stay content and connected all the time with your baby as it offers a broader viewing angle with remote control of the camera. In short, it is one of the best split-screen baby monitors without a wifi connection for security.

  1. Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

Best Split Screen Video Baby Monitor

This Eufy video monitor is one of the most inexpensive baby models on the web that you can buy, with many valuable features. This split-screen Eufy baby monitor contains one camera, which allows up to four cams to be extended more. With just a couple of clicks, adding additional lenses is fast.

Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor

The video resolution is 720p; besides this HD cam, the viewing angle of the lens of the camera is 330 degrees, which covers more space than just the crib. With this baby monitor, you can see broadly and cautiously. The camera also has a 110-degree tilt angle, which involves the entire area.

When additional cameras are added, the monitor automatically cycles between the cameras to show every corner you wanted to be covered. This baby monitor, like many others on our list, provides instant alerts if the baby cries. And when the baby cries, you can soothe him with 2-way communication.

This baby monitor houses a 2900 mAh battery, which can last for up to 15 hours of monitoring in audio mode and up to 8 hours on continuous display mode. Covering 450-1000 ft, this camera leaves you to worry free of monitoring in every corner of your home.

This easy to mount camera comes with in-built lullabies, night vision, temperature monitor, and remote zooming up to 1.5X and 2X provides excellent comfort while you are away. By considering the cost, if you believe that perhaps the monitor’s kickstand is not sturdy, then you would be mistaken. The kickstand, the lens of the device, the entire machine is durable and robust.


  • The crisp 720p display
  • Clear 2-way talking
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy camera addition
  • The broader viewing angle of 330-degrees
  • Automatically detects dimmer lights to adjusts the camera mode
  • Longer battery life


  • Brighter camera light

Final Verdict

This Eufy baby monitor houses some top-notch features for the baby monitor for a good value. This easy to mount and the durable camera comes with a secure connection, remote controlling, and easy camera movement. 

Best Split Screen Baby Monitor—Buyer Guide

It is recommended that you search through the whole model feature while purchasing the best split-screen baby monitor and choose the one that keeps you updated all the time. Some of the recommended parts that we thought are the must in baby monitors are the following:

  • Night vision: As you want to monitor your baby 24/7 so a night vision camera is recommended as you can conveniently keep an eye at night time too.
  • Signal Range: nowadays, baby monitors fit with Wifi. These cameras offer an unlimited range for monitoring your kid. Although, the cameras with non-wifi with good coverage are considered as they are more secured.
  • Talk-back communication feature: many times, it occurs that you want to calm down your baby remotely, so a Talk-back part is preferable for the babies.
  • Remote Tilt, Pan & Zoom Feature: for better viewing angles, you may require to tilt and zoom the camera remotely, so that when your baby moves here and there, you can move your camera too.
  • Picture Quality: As the baby monitors do not require a 4K video, a fair resolution for better surveillance is also recommended.

So these are some of our top considerations for the best split-screen baby monitors. Now let’s have a look at our selection.


Immense support for the family of more than one child is split-screen baby monitors. Such baby monitors make sure you stay engaged all day with your babies. The brands mentioned above are all checked thoroughly, and we confirm that you will not be disappointed by our selected cameras.

Every camera that we selected is secured and easy to set up without requiring any wifi or app download. Although,  If we have to pick one, it will be the CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor for the best split-screen baby monitor. This is because it has a broader range of communication, is fitted with lullabies, has noise-activated service of picture and sound, and offers a fair amount of camera adds. Its LCD touchscreen with a simultaneous display of 4-cameras is one of the best takes for it.

Although we do not have the best baby monitor with Wifi, every camera has some top-notch features and secure connection. So go on with our list and find the perfect one for your little one.

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