5 Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet In 2022

best toddler sandals for wide feetDo you have a wide toddler foot? What if your child has wide feet? Will they have to start wearing adult shoes already? Well, of course not! Kids are kids and their feet should be free to grow in the way nature intended. All you need is a little bit of patience when it comes to finding Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet for your children’s feet.

When shopping for your wiggly walker it is best to get them fitted at a store that specializes in children’s footwear. The knowledge of the staff will help ensure your child’s feet are comfortable and supported while still allowing movement. A wide or extra wide shoe for toddlers defeats the purpose of being comfortable if they are too tight. It is also crucial that their shoes provide adequate support for their growing bones and muscles.

When you have found a shoe that fits well, it will be durable enough to last your child all day long. You can expect them to grow out of their shoes every two to three months. Some parents have been known to rotate between a couple of pairs during this period in order to get more use out of them.

For a parent, nothing is worse than a child who insists they cannot wear their shoes because they are too tight. That’s why it can be a great idea to invest in wide toddler sandals for your children that will accommodate their feet comfortable no matter how much they grow over the coming years.

Wearing the wrong shoes can make your child uncomfortable and give them blisters.    We get asked all the time what are the best toddler sandals for wide feet. Mothers have told me that their toddlers have wide feet and it is difficult to find affordable shoes that fit them well.

Here is the buying guide when you go shopping for sandals for wide feet.

5 Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet In 2022

Sr. NoProductMaterial TypeCheck Price
1Birkenstock Rio Sandal Synthetic, Leather Check Price
2ASHION Water ShoesStretch Fabric Check Price
3bebe Toddler Girls’ SandalsLeatherette Check Price
4Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe100% Leather Check Price
5Teva Kids' K HurricaneImported, Rubber sole Check Price
  1. Birkenstock Rio Sandal – Best Toddler Sandal

If you are looking for a sandal that will last, the Birkenstock Rio is an excellent choice. This style has been well-loved by its owners for over 20 years. The Rio features a double-layer strap across the toes, which prevents chafing and irritation. There are also straps across the top of the foot to create a more secure fit. The rubber outsole is flexible and gives you great traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

The cork footbed has contouring arches, which provide support for your feet all day long. Even after decades of use, this sandal will still look nice because it is made with high-quality synthetic and leather materials. They can be worn in the water and will dry quickly.

birkenstock rio sandal

This style fits true to size, so if you usually wear a 10, choose that size for this sandal as well. It may take a few days of wearing it around the house to break it in before you decide to take it on a long walk or to the beach. For customers who plan on wearing this sandal for an extended time, it is recommended that you purchase a size larger than what you usually wear.

The newest Birkenstock sandal to make the world a better place. These sandals are best as summer shoes are available in five colors: black smooth, chocolate brown suede, blue ocean suede, white sneaker, and pink cork.


  • Cork sole
  • The shoe molds to feet
  • Provide optimal support
  • Summer shoes


  • Not durable material

  1. Littleplum Boys Girls Water Shoes

If you are looking for the very best water shoes for boys and girls, then look no further. We’ve done all the work to bring you Littleplum Water Shoes. These lightweight and fast-drying shoes keep your little ones’ feet comfortable and breathable with high-quality materials that will hold up in any situation.

The flexible rubber soles provide excellent grip on wet surfaces, whether they’re at the beach or in an inflatable pool. Littleplum water shoes are easy to clean and air dry quickly so your kids can wear them again soon without having to worry about putting them away damp.

ashion boys girls water shoes

These water shoes are super comfy and will fit well as they adjust to your child’s feet. The design includes a quick-drying material with a flexible rubber sole for stable walking on both dry and wet surfaces.

The quick-dry design with a mesh upper ensures the feet remain well ventilated and there is also a water drainage system on the sole to prevent any pooling of water, making them great for all children who love playing in the water!

Constructed from the very best materials and guaranteed to last even through extended use, these shoes are the perfect summer accessory.

Littleplum is good for swimming, running, hiking, camping, walking, etc. They are ideal for sports in the water like surfing, kayaking, boating, and other activities where you may get wet. If you are looking for baby swim shoes or baby water shoes or baby hiking shoes. These are the best ones!


  • Breathable waterproof upper
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Stretch fabric
  • Perfect for summer
  • Quick-drying


  • Not applicable

  1. Bebe Toddler Girls’ Sandals

Are you looking for a pair of summer shoes with which your little girl will stand out and look absolutely adorable and trendy? If so, bebe’s girls’ sandals are the perfect choice.

To raise a toddler girl into a fashionista, it’s important to find footwear that’s always on-trend, yet age-appropriate for the little ones. For the girls who won’t go anywhere without their own fashionable sandals or flats, Bebe has designed these leatherette sandals with braided straps and stylish heel zippers. The trendy shape ensures she’ll always stand out from the crowd, and her feet will be comfy, too!

bebe toddler girls sandals

These lightweight, comfortable open-toe sandals come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from so you can match your child’s unique sense of style. Your little girl will feel comfortable all day long with these lightweight sandals, and she will love how fashionable they look. The soft synthetic materials are easy to clean so your little girl can wear her favorite color every day without worrying about where she steps.

Step in and step out; Ideal sandals for girls and parents who want to get ready quickly and start their day of fun; Convenient heel zipper allows for easy on and off; These comfortable and cute sandals with glittering details are a must-have for any summer wardrobe.


  • Versatile summer shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Everyday casual use
  • Colorful summer sandals
  • Ideal for picnics and parties


  • Prices are high

  1. Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe – The Original Sandal

The summer has arrived and it is time for vacation, or perhaps that beach trip we were planning on taking during winter. Either way, our feet deserve a break from the confines of shoes and socks.

They are true to their name, as they can be worn in saltwater and even directly into the ocean with no adverse effects. This is because Hoy Shoe uses 100% English leather for their Sandals, so it is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to swelling from water immersion.

“Nothing is better than a nice, bright pair of sandals to splash through the surf and kick up the warm summer sand with,” says Hoy Shoe.

salt water sandals by hoy shoe

These are popular beach sandals to wear while lounging on the beach. They are very comfortable and lightweight, making them perfect for barefoot activities in warm weather. These shoes are great for protecting your feet while providing comfort and support. They come in sizes for all ages so you can get them for your family.

On top of all that, they’re quick-drying and lightweight too! Take them out on the town, turn heads with your sense of style or simply relax poolside in true comfort. The straps can be adjusted to a comfortable length for you and the sole will mold to your foot in time for a truly custom fit. Their traditional design and great color choices make them a classic and no-fail choice for you.


  • Arch support
  • True to size
  • Man-made sole
  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole


  • Not applicable

  1. Teva Kids’ K Hurricane XLT 2 Sport Sandal

The original Hurricane sandal makes its biggest waves to date with the Hurricane XLT 2 sport sandal. Remastered for the demands of kids’ active lifestyles, this version features quick-drying synthetic uppers, super-grippy rubber outsoles, and easy hook-and-loop straps that adjust on the fly.

The Teva Sandal simply outshines the competition. With its quick-drying synthetic upper, super-grippy rubber outsoles, and easy hook-and-loop straps that adjust on the fly, it’s a summertime staple for boys and girls who play hard any time of day.

teva kids k hurricane

This sporty sandal is great for little hikers who’re always on the go. The adjustable hook-and-loop straps let you customize the fit to achieve a secure, comfy feel as your kid runs, jumps, and plays his or her heart out. They also feature an antimicrobial footbed to keep feet fresh all day long. The non-marking rubber outsole provides excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Built with soft EVA foam footbed cushions that provide all-day comfort, there’s an adjustable hook and loop strap at the heel to prevent flip-flops from sliding off little feet. Plus, it features a nylon shank for support and durability. This sport sandal is great for preschoolers or children who need easy on/off the foot.


  • Easy hook and loop closure
  • Soft heel strap padding
  • Footbed cushions
  • Nylon shank for support
  • Sports sandal


  • Bigger than expected

Best Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet – Buying Guide

Welcome to a Buying Guide for Toddler Sandals For Wide Feet. Here you will find informative and helpful details about sandals that may be just what you need, or at least just the thing to point you in the right direction.

Toddler sandals for wide feet are usually hard to find. Most toddlers don’t know or care if their sandals are uncomfortable; all they know is that they’re cute. This leaves parents with two options: break in the sandal (which isn’t always possible) or go without. Fortunately for wide-footed parents, there are plenty of options available.

Measurement Of The Existing Pair

The first thing to do when looking for toddler sandals is to get measurements or look at an existing pair that fits well. Knowing the size range of the foot in question will narrow down your search significantly, especially if you’re shopping online without trying anything on beforehand. For example, if there’s a size range of 13 to 15, and your toddler wears a size 15, you’ll be able to eliminate all the options with a foot measurement of over 12 inches.

Strap Or Ties

The best types of sandals for wide feet are those that don’t require straps or ties; toddlers’ hands and dexterity aren’t up to par with the task of fastening knots, buckles, and hooks. Sandals that have a strap around the ankle or crisscrossing the front of the foot are also not recommended for wide feet but will work if you can get a good fit in regular sandals.

Thong Between The Toes

Sandals with a thong between the toes should be avoided for toddlers under 2 years old. A young child’s foot still has some growing to do, and the thong inevitably puts pressure on the toes. This is painful for many toddlers, but they may not be able to express it well enough for you to understand until they have a pair of shoes that don’t cause pain.

Leather Material

The best material for toddler sandals is leather. It’s durable, without being too stiff for a young child to walk in. Leather sandals breathe well and don’t leave sweaty marks on your child’s foot as synthetic material would.

Unfortunately, some children have reactions to the tanning agents used in the manufacturing of leather shoes; if your toddler has had a bad skin reaction to another leather product, such as a belt or shoes from another company, then you should avoid leather sandals.

If you are unable to find a pair that is wide enough, most companies can add an extra piece of material for the extra-wide foot. Be sure to not force anything, as it may cause foot deformities. Also, you want to make sure that the toe box is wide enough for your child’s toes to spread out. This will help prevent problems with bunions later in life.

If need be, some parents have had no problem cutting away some of the fabric from inside the shoe where their infant’s footrests are. This is usually done from the heel to the ball of your child’s foot. It is best to put a piece of fabric against their foot and then cut away anything that seems to cause discomfort. Do not forget to add a soft cushion for comfort.

Some Helpful Hints When Trying To Find Children’s Shoes

  1. Try on the shoes at the end of the day when your child’s feet are usually bigger. Also, make sure they stand while trying them on.
  2. Make sure there is an extra half an inch of room for growing feet in both length and width. You can measure their foot using a piece of paper with markings on it placed against the foot.
  3. Do not be afraid to make special requests, because most retailers are willing to try their best for you.
  4. Many stores will take back shoes if they don’t fit, provided that the box is still in good shape. If you don’t live near a specialty children’s store then contact the manufacturer directly for help.
  5. If you are unable to find a shoe that is wide enough, then try using an orthotic insert for extra room.
  6. There are many shoes available online that are specifically for children with wider feet. Check out your local department store and specialty stores first, but if you find nothing then look on the internet.
  7. When in doubt, take your child with you while shopping and let them try on the shoes. This will give you a good idea of what size and type will suit their needs best.

you’ll be happy to know that we did some digging and found five options for kids with wider feet that should fit well.


Toddlers, for most of us parents, are a joy to be with – they’re cute and cuddly, energetic, and full of life. However, one thing that is a pain with toddlers is making sure that their feet fit into the appropriately sized shoes! They grow so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up sometimes.

One effective method of getting them to keep shoes on is by finding the best toddler sandals for wide feet. While they may not be able to grip your hand with their little fingers, they can walk with their own feet!

Finding shoes that fit can be a challenge, but knowing what you are looking for, will make finding the perfect shoe much easier. If your kids have wide feet or chubby feet, it can be even harder to find shoes that fit.

You do not want to force them into a shoe that doesn’t sit comfortably on their foot and it might be difficult for them to walk in if the sandal is too narrow. Make sure that your child is wearing the right size shoe and doing so will help with their overall foot health as well as make shopping for them much easier.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will keep your child safe during water sports, then look no further than Littleplum’s Boys/Girls Water Shoes! With many different beautiful designs to choose from, these water shoes will keep kids’ feet protected and comfortable as they swim in the pool or play in the rain.

Thanks for checking out this site, and I hope it has been helpful to you.


What brand makes wide shoes for toddlers?

There are a few brands that make wide shoes for toddlers – some of the more popular ones include Stride Rite, New Balance, and Nike. It’s important to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable, as improper fitting shoes can cause all sorts of problems for growing children, such as blisters, calluses, and even foot deformities down the road. So it’s definitely worth taking the time to find a good pair of shoes that will fit your toddler properly.

What are the most comfortable sandals for toddlers?

One of the best options for toddlers is sandals with a back strap. This will keep the sandal in place and prevent it from slipping off their foot. Another option is sandals that have a closure system, such as Velcro or buckles.

This will help to keep the sandal snug against their feet and provide a more comfortable fit. Lastly, make sure to choose sandals made with soft materials, such as suede or leather, which will be gentle on your child’s skin.

Do most toddlers have wide feet?

Most toddlers do not have wide feet, but some may have feet that are slightly wider than average. A toddler’s foot will continue to grow and change shape until around the age of six or seven, so it is not uncommon for a child’s shoe size to change several times during those years. If you are concerned about your child’s foot width, it is best to consult with a pediatrician or podiatrist.

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