Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100

best video baby monitors under 100The use of Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100 has been on the rise among parents and guardians lately. The use of such monitors has allowed them to keep an eye on their children even when they are not in the same room.

These video monitors are much more appealing to parents than an audio baby monitor. This is because they are able to see what their baby is up to, which helps with any anxiety they might have and they can resolve the baby’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Do you have a baby? Does the thought of leaving that beautiful bundle of joy in someone else’s care make you want to grab the shotgun from under the bed? Are you worried about leaving your baby alone? Do you feel guilty about leaving your baby with a stranger? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider a video baby monitor.

The quality of these monitors has changed over time. This blog will look at some of the best video baby monitors on the market today.

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5 Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100 In 2022

Sr. NoProductConnectivity TechnologyCheck Price
1Hello baby monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-ZoomWireless Check Price
2SereneLife  Video Baby Monitor 2.4ghz Check Price
3New Babysense Video Baby Monitor Wireless Check Price
4ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital CameraWireless Check Price
5Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby MonitorWireless Check Price
  1. Hello Baby Monitor With Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom

Keep tabs on your little one at all times with the Hello Baby Monitor by Infant Optics. Keeping a watchful eye on your baby has never been easier thanks to this video baby monitor’s remote pan-tilt-zoom functionality. The camera has a wide field of vision and is so clear, that it will capture every smile and giggle with ease.

hello baby monitor with remote pan tilt zoom

With the wireless pan and tilt LCD screen, you can have a view of your sleeping baby from any angle. The monitor also comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the monitoring screen and camera. This means you can always have a clear view of your little one. The monitor’s LCD screen automatically switches on when the camera detects that your baby is crying. It is safe to use and has a host of features to help keep your little one safe and sound.

Cheap baby monitors also feature a belt clip that you can take with you outside the house and two-way communication up to 300 feet. The sound level LED indicator assures you that baby is sleeping peacefully. With the ability to take snapshots from the monitor, you will always have an image of your baby in your memories.

The room temperature indicator is an extremely helpful function for your baby. It can let you know if your baby is too cold or too hot, so you can adjust the temperature of the room to help your baby sleep well.  Built-in lullabies help the baby fall asleep faster.


  • Large LCD display
  • Two-way audio feature
  • Night vision mode
  • Convenient to operate
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Not applicable

  1. SereneLife  Video Baby Monitor 

Stay connected to your child or pet at home or on the go with the upgraded, long-range Baby Monitor with Night Vision. This wireless, long-range baby monitor features a large digital color video display monitor and infrared night vision to keep an eye on your little one from across the room. The camera can pan, tilt, & zoom from room to room, and you can even control the camera remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

serenelife  video baby monitor 

With the VOX mode enabled, your monitor will turn off if there are no sounds to listen for, preventing any unwanted screen glow from keeping you up at night. You can adjust the alarm settings on this device to match your baby’s nap schedule. Simply set the alarm time and your baby’s monitor will go into sleep mode when it’s over.

The thermometer on the baby cam will measure the temperature of your baby’s crib or room. It is a great feature that allows you to make sure your baby is comfortable in the summer or winter. The infrared night vision system will activate when it senses low light.

This monitor has a 2-way talk in addition to the regular monitoring ability. This allows you to talk to your child through the video monitor through the speaker and microphone on the front of the monitor. This is awesome for talking to your child in the middle of the night with no lights on.


  • Long-range
  • VOX mode
  • Two-way communication
  • 2.4 GHz video transmission
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • The battery is not durable

  1. New Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

One of the most important moments in any parent’s life can be the first time they lay their eyes on their new baby. Smiles will happen and tears should be expected, but the most important part of this special time is making sure the baby is safe and sound.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor gives you the peace of mind you need in the form of clear, HD video and two-way talkback communications. Keep tabs on what’s going on at home and comfort your baby with the sound of your own voice, with the Babysense Video Baby Monitor.

new babysense video baby monitor

It is an essential and safe investment for your precious little one. The camera offers you peace of mind when you are not around your little one, especially at night. The baby video monitor can help you care for your baby and give the best in terms of care.

Featuring low power consumption and low radiation, it is safe for use. The video monitor allows you to see, hear and communicate with your little one whenever you have to. You can see what your baby is up to and get alerts for sound, motion, or temperature. It is designed to be safe and secure. With the right features and specs, the baby monitor is reliable and durable.

When it comes to keeping a child safe, you cannot afford to have any blind spots. That’s why the new Babysense Video Baby Monitor lets you watch your child without any borders from up to 900 feet away in your house or yard. Take the stress out of parenting.

The innovative features on this redesign of the original Babysense Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100 are wonderful, including Eco Mode Voice Activation Sound Activated LEDs Alarm/Timer Setting Manual Pan (360 degrees) & Tilt (60 degrees) Auto Camera Scan View Adjustable LED brightness Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options.


  • Long-range connection
  • Quality image
  • Comfort
  • Manual pan
  • Eco-mode


  • Not applicable

  1. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

Monitor your baby the way you want, with this video baby monitoring camera. With a range of up to 300m, you can see your baby and hear them clearly, even when they’re in another room. Enjoy a high-quality color screen and 2x zoom magnification to ensure no details are left hidden. Your new baby monitor will be used for a long time thanks to the advanced technology that allows you to use it over a variety of platforms.

anmeate video baby monitor with digital camera

Features include infrared night vision, a temperature monitor, and a two-way speaker. You can also remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera. You can even add your own music or make your own lullaby!

This device gives you unprecedented insight into your baby’s world. Two-way infrared technology lets you see your little ones, soothe them remotely, and stop them from crying.

The screen displays room temperature, humidity, and current time for your convenience. The camera and monitor also come with other handy features like sound activation, sound sensitivity, and room temperature alerts, the ability to remotely turn on lullabies and a temperature watch, and a battery that lasts up to 8 hours in eco mode.


  • High capacity battery
  • Easy installation
  • Eco mode voice
  • Auto infrared night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Connect up to 4 cams


  • The range isn’t good
  • Screen freezing issue

  1. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Stay connected to your little one wherever you go with the HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor. This high-quality baby monitor delivers stunning high-definition (720p) video, allowing you to see every little detail. Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology (WiFi) delivers a secure and interference-free signal.

hello baby wireless video baby monitor

Two-way communication allows you to not only hear but also interact with your little one while they’re in the nursery. You can watch your baby sleep or play, and even record and playback the moments that you miss most. The HelloBaby Monitor is compatible with most Wi-Fi-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

It features high-quality video and audio, a 2-way intercom function, a night vision function, a light function, and an expandable system of up to 4 cameras! The large capacity battery will last 12 hours with VOX mode on or 8 hours with the screen on.

You can put your phone or tablet down to save battery and use the built-in microphone and speaker to communicate with your baby or play music. The camera unit is portable, it can be taken anywhere in the house or even outdoors.

Monitor also features optical pan and tilt, two-way communication, and Screen-off audio-only mode. No more will you have to worry about your child’s safety. Just sit back and relax with Hello Baby!


  • 4 cameras can be attached
  • With one year warranty
  • Large capacity battery
  • Portable monitor
  • Night vision
  • Sound LEDS indicator


  • The camera view is narrow
  • Zoom view isn’t good
  • Night vision is too dark

Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100 – Buying guide

If you are looking for a baby monitor, you need to know that there are a whole lot of options in the market. It is not an easy task to decipher which are the best baby monitor products and which are the worst. That is where this blog comes in. We will look at the different baby monitors in the market and highlight the best baby monitors under $100.

Picture Quality Feature

The first thing you need to decide is how important picture quality is to you. Some monitors have high-definition video while others have a more standard definition. If picture quality is important to you, then you’ll want to look for a monitor with high definition.

Range Of Monitor

Another important feature to consider is range. You’ll want to make sure that the monitor has a good range, so you can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in your home. Some monitors come with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to watch your baby from anywhere in the world.

Sound Quality

Another feature to consider is sound quality. You’ll want to make sure that the monitor provides a clear sound, so you can hear your baby when she’s crying.

Night Vision Feature

Next, think about how important it is to you to be able to see your baby in the dark. Some monitors have night vision while others don’t. If you think you’ll need to use the night vision feature often, then you’ll want to make sure your monitor has it.

Two Way Talk Feature

Another thing to think about is whether or not you want to be able to talk to your baby. Some monitors have a two-way talk feature while others don’t. If you want to be able to talk to your baby, make sure you get a monitor with this feature.

Camera Tilt Feature

Also, think about whether or not you want to be able to move the camera around. Some monitors have a pan and tilt feature while others don’t. If you want to be able to move the camera around, make sure you get a monitor with this feature.

Price Of The Monitor

Finally, you’ll want to consider the price of the monitor. Best baby monitor on a budget range in price from around $50 to $300, so you’ll want to find one that fits your budget.

Once you’ve decided on the features that are important to you, it will be easier to choose the best video baby monitor for you.


As parents, it is your duty to make sure that your little one is safe. While you can’t be there to supervise every moment of their life, there are ways to make sure that you know what is going on. One such way is by setting up a Best Video Baby Monitors Under $100.

When shopping for a video baby monitor, there are a few key features that you should look for. The first is obviously the quality of the video and audio. You want to make sure that you can see and hear your baby clearly, both during the day and at night. The monitor should also have a good range, so you can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in your home.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the features offered by the monitor. Some of the more popular features include digital zoom, infrared night vision, two-way talk, and temperature monitoring.

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