How To Hang A Baby Swing Without A Tree – Guide 2021

How To Hang A Baby Swing Without A Tree: One thing that is common between kids and adults is that they love swings. Swings are wonderful entertainment that can be seen at the parks, the courtyards, or even in some gardens.

Nowadays, swings are no longer limited to special places. You can easily purchase portable swings and install them literally wherever you want them to be. Though, the problem with installing swings is that most of them need a tree. There’s no way to avoid it since that’s how mainly swings work. An upper point is needed for you to attach a swing that can hang from that high point. This high point is mostly the trees since they are high enough in order to have swings attached to them.

Moreover, trees have branches that can support the weight of the swings since weight is the most important factor when it comes to installing swings. While there is an option of going for a swing stand but it might cost you a little extra compared to installing a baby swing yourself. Here at myfitbaby we provide the complete guide that how to hand baby swings without even trees.

How To Hang a Baby Swing Without A Tree?

Not having a tree in the place of installation can be a bit of a drag, though having a tree doesn’t necessarily mean you can install a swing on it. Some trees are also branchless by nature. Not having branches on your tree can be inconvenient but it doesn’t mean that you can’t hang a swing over it. All you’d actually need is a sturdy tree and you can make a swing without tree branches hindering your desire to have one.

Hang A Baby Swing Without A Tree

Tree branches provide safety to your swing. They make the swinging experience even more exciting. Though, this can easily get ruined if your tree isn’t sturdy enough. In that case, you’d need to switch to a different tree. Though, what if there are no such trees? In that case, you’d have to figure out how to hang a baby swing without a tree.

This can be done using multiple methods. Whatever you choose to do in the end should be done while keeping the safety of your child in mind. Swings can be exciting but only if they are safe. The safety of a swing is dependent upon a number of factors out of which the first and foremost is the ‘weight factor’. Before installing a swing anywhere, the first thing you need to consider is the weight that is intended for the swing to carry. If your kid is only a baby then you can easily get a swing frame instead, since babies don’t weigh much. You can also use baby monitors to protect them and see them all the time.

Things To Consider Before Installing Swing

Before you get to install a portable swing at your house for your baby, you need to be crystal clear about the intended weight that it is supposed to carry. The second thing you need to be clear about is the place of installation. This place can vary from portable outdoor baby swings to even indoor baby swings. You need to be very much clear about your plans.

A few other things that you need to concern yourself with while choosing to hang a baby swing with or without a tree.

Choosing The Right Material

Of course, the first and most important thing about a swing is going to be its material. The material of the swing also matters in terms of weight. A swing with cheap quality material obviously can’t handle the weight. As for the lack of tree, you’d need to create an artificial branch. The material for your artificial branch needs to be strong yet flexible.

It’s better to go looking for some construction pipes or wooden boards that have solid resistance. The material would also need to be drilled to a tree or whatever high point you intend to hang it from. So keep in mind that the material should be strong enough to handle all that. 1.8 meters should be enough length for your artificial branch as it’s good enough to support the weight of your swing.

Attaching the Artificial Branch

Once you have decided upon the material that you want to use to make a swing frame or to make an artificial branch, you can then go on to pick a spot. This is going to be a bit tough, so you need to be vigilant about things. First, you need to have a clear understanding of the length of your swing and its distance from the ground. Make sure to measure the distance of your swing from the ground.

Next, you need to drill into the tree or the point of hanging. For that, you’d need some nails and some bolts. Drill the artificial branch at the correct height and as strongly as possible since it should be able to withstand a lot of weight and movements. The artificial branch should be very firmly drilled in otherwise it can be dangerous.

How To Hang A Baby Swing Without Tree?

After getting this done, you can move into hanging the swing. Whether you intend to install a tire swing for a child or a baby swing, make sure you make it safe enough. Swings often come with a lot of cables, ropes and finally a seat. What you need to do is to tie the knots over the artificial branch and make sure that the ropes whether tied or drilled are fixed in their position. The ropes should never break or untie as it can be really dangerous.

Hang Baby Swing Without A Tree

In order to get the swing hung onto a good length, it’s better to keep your child with you and make him or her sit in that seat. This way you can see if their legs can touch the ground or not. The seats should simply have enough height for them to just touch their feet a bit on the ground.

However, it shouldn’t be too low enough for their legs to get dragged around. Neither should the swing be too high that the child’s feet don’t even touch the ground. Setting the proper height can be a bit tricky as it’s something in between high and low. Adjust the ropes according to the demand of your child.

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Using Two Trees

In case you don’t have any trees with branches available, there’s still an option if there are two trees. You don’t need to have any branches in this case. All you need are two trees that are close enough for you to hang a baby swing outside. You can simply use those trees in the same way as you are using the artificial branch. Though in this case you’d have two strong high points and they would also be relatively safer. Besides, this swing would be much safer than the other ones as well since there is no chance of it falling as long as you’ve tied the ropes properly enough.

Making a Swing Frame

If you’re really short on options and have neither a branchless tree nor a stand or high point that you can use along with an artificial branch, then another option for you is to make a swing frame on your own. Swing frames come in various structures in order to support the weight of the swing. There can be many structures that you can consider in order to maintain balance. However that highly depends upon the resources that you have at hand.

Making a swing frame isn’t as difficult as it may seem, you can easily make a classic frame using three pieces of lumber, two for the sides and one across the top. A pergola shaped construction can be a perfect balance for your swings depending upon the material you used.  You can also go for more pergola shaped fixed structures by utilizing more material if you can easily purchase it as it could be a perfect choice for your outdoor baby swing.

If making a swing frame on your own seems a bit difficult on your own that you can also go for readymade options as they are even more professional in constructions. Though, making your own frame gives you the choice of using the material of your own liking/ affordability and it could be customized according to you.


You don’t particularly need to have trees with branches or even trees at all in order to make a swing for your baby. It’s more than possible to hang a baby swing without a tree. You can consider making an artificial branch in case you have branchless trees available or trees whose branches are not at the required height. Moreover, you can consider getting yourself a swing frame or swing stand in order to get a portable outdoor swing.

It’s also very much possible to create your own custom swing stand. You no longer have to worry about not having trees at your house in order to get a swing. It’s even possible to hang a swing from a high wall as long as you can create a strong and flexible suspension point. If you are able to get your suspension point or bar strong enough, your swing can last for many years to come.

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