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Are you wondering How to stop baby from climbing out of crib? It’s not as difficult as you think it is. Though, the only problem is if your child is creative enough then you might have it difficult. Otherwise, the shift from newborn to toddler years is only a stretch of phase that could be an exciting and memorable time for you as a parent. Obviously, it could also be somewhat challenging especially managing the sleep training for your child.

Though during this phase, one of the biggest and most common issues for parents is that their baby climbed out of crib and fell. Babies can be naturally bouncy in the years where they are starting to learn how to sit or stand. You might find them getting jumpy in order to make movements. Here on this site, you might find your baby getting all excited about moving around or experimenting with various body movements.

How To Stop Baby From Climbing Out Of Crib?

This is also a phase where they are learning motor control which would further help them to start fully controlling their body movements. Watching them all jumpy and excited can be cute and all until you find your babies jumping on bed. This is as unsafe as it sounds since when you are near them you may be able to avoid a dangerous situation. Though, how about when you are not with them? Baby monitors can only do as much as help you keep an eye on your baby. This doesn’t mean that it can keep your baby from falling out of bed or help you reach them in time to prevent a fall. You eventually need a crib for your baby.

Stop Baby From Climbing Out Of Cribs

Over time, you’d find your creative little angle, probably as young as a 7 month old climbing out of crib. This is when it gets a little tricky because climbing out is not as bad as you think but it can be dangerous especially if you are not around. This can also feel like having a newborn all over since you’d need to get over observant again, get a baby monitor all over, and various other things. Remember, babies climbing out are a part of their healthy growth, there’s no need to get upset over it. Rather you should feel proud that your kid is healthy and strong.

Finding The Cause

Parents normally get mistaken that a baby climbing out of their crib cannot be handled. Actually, it can be handled. Though, to handle it you first need to understand their little venture. The need for exploration beyond the boundary always has a motivation. This motivation could be a child’s little experiment to test their own abilities but it can also be a need to reach something. One way to handle such a situation is to keep everything that a child might want in their reach. Though, if this doesn’t work out then consider your child is trying to test their newly found skills.

Sleep Training

Another way to stop baby from climbing out of crib during the nights is by sleep training. Sleep training involves controlling the nap times for your child. If your child doesn’t get to sleep much during the day, they’d obviously sleep during the night. Many parents make the mistake of letting their child sleep whenever they want. This can be one reason your baby might be awake at night and he or she might climb out of the crib. Controlling the sleep pattern can be tough in the beginning and might even fail many times but you have to try to be consistent. It’s very much important if you want your baby to get a fixed sleep timing that is safe enough for you to wake up just in time to see your child.

Big Kid Bed

While this is an option provided by many parents as they suppose that the confines of a crib might actually be the problem that your child might be climbing it. It can be true to some extent but it doesn’t actually mean that your kid is ready for a big bed. Being able to hoist themselves up over the rails of the crib doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid is ready for a big bed. They might even feel overly exposed and climb out of their bed in order to come to find yours.

While this is one suggestion from a few parents, it’s not recommended to go over it without considering if your toddler is cognitively and emotionally ready for big-kid beds.

Making it Difficult

When your child first starts climbing out of crib, your first approach to this could be making it more difficult for them to climb out. This can be done in multiple ways. A few are as follows

  • Lowering the crib mattress to the lowest possible setting so that your little acrobat can’t climb out easily
  • Emptying the bumpers and blankets as sometimes your kids use them as stepping stones to climb past the fence
  • Emptying the stuffed toys that the child can use as a stepping ladder
  • Placing the lower side of the crib against a wall if the crib has one side higher than the other

Of course, you can come up with your own ways to make it more difficult for your child to climb out but these are the most general approaches you can take for starters.

Safety Check

Safety Check should be one of your main concerns even if your child happens to get out of their crib. Your priority should be that they are able to do it safely. For that, make sure that your child’s room is childproof as you aren’t able to easily reach them at all times. Cover all electrical outlets that you think they can reach along with taping all the cords. All the heavy furniture should also be secured or anchored to avoid it from falling onto the child. In fact, the whole room should be a giant crib that should be safe enough for your child.


This wouldn’t exactly be the easiest thing you do since you often find yourself getting lenient with your kids once you see their innocent faces. You would need the same determination to teach your child not to get out of their crib as you need to have while teaching them not to get out of their house and run in the streets. Reinforcement starts early on. You can consider telling them not to do it by reinforcing ‘no’ every time you see them trying to slip out. Though, it is better to go with positive reinforcement in this case. For example, you can bring their favorite toy or treat if they stay in their crib and verbally assert that you are doing so. Be consistent with your reinforcement otherwise, your toddler wouldn’t be able to understand your motive.

Sleep Sacks

A good option can be getting sleep sack for toddlers getting out of crib. Some kids are natural-born climbers and they wouldn’t really wait for their first birthdays before they start climbing. So don’t ignore the first instances that you notice your child climbing out. It’s not a phase and they won’t grow out of it. Consider getting a sleep sack for your baby as these enclose their legs and feet. There is obviously enough room for them to move comfortably but they can’t climb out with a sleeping sack. This can be a small restriction that can keep your child from climbing out in the middle of the night.

Don’t Go For Crib Tents

Lastly, don’t go for crib tents. These products are not safe for children. They were once marketed as a solution to stop baby from climbing out of crib but they are actually just as dangerous as they pose entrapment and strangulation issues. The crib tents were made of mesh and were supposed to be fit right over the top of the crib. These were then supposed to be zipped shut to avoid toddlers from climbing out. However, they weren’t a solution since they AREN’T SAFE AT ALL.


Children can be naturally creative enough to test their boundaries and skills. This exploration is a part of their healthy development. However, their safety comes before their adventure. Be patient when your child first starts to climb out of their crib. Try to reinforce what is and isn’t permissible for them. Use measures to stop baby from climbing out of crib. Make sure to take steps in order to set their routine and environment with consistent methods.

Don’t ignore the first signs that your baby shows about getting out of their crib as this can be really dangerous for them as they might get injured while trying to climb out. Make their room childproof and safe for them so even if they get out of their crib, they should at least be safe.

Lastly, training a child can be difficult but it’s not impossible so stay patient. Patience is the key for this one!

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