When To Stop Using A Baby Monitor | Expert Advise [2021]

A prominent concern for new or even old parents is when to start using a baby monitor. Pediatricians recommend that you start using a baby monitor for babies under six months in order to keep a check out for anything unusual. A video baby monitor is the best, especially since you can keep a close check over your baby even without being physically present with them.

Best Baby Monitors: Key Features!

When getting yourself a baby monitor, it’s important that you purchase a durable one that can run for a long time. In case you’re wondering how long do monitors last in general, then it highly depends upon their battery. Obviously, the monitors with Wi-Fi or video features may consume more battery since they are using both audio and video features. Though, an average baby monitor should be able to last at least 8-10 hours. This should be enough for one day or one night’s sleep.

When To Stop Using A Baby Monitors

However, another main concern for the parents arises when they start pondering oversleep training. That concern is mainly when to stop using a baby monitor. The answer to that is pretty simple; you can stop using a baby monitor when you begin the sleep training for your baby. This can be around six months since your baby is loud enough to make sounds at night if he or she is awakened. This does not imply that you immediately stop using the baby monitors as there can always be specific situations where they might be really useful. For the best sleep experience, you can also read the full guide of best cribs for babies that is non toxic.

How Long Should You Use a Baby Monitor?

There’s no specific time limit when it comes to baby monitors. There are of course instances of parents that even use baby monitor for five year old children. Though, on the contrary, there are also instances where parents stop using the baby monitors at six months and their babies turn on fine anyway. The whole need for a baby monitor depends upon the situation and the nature of your baby. In order to understand the correct timing for taking out the baby monitor from the room, you need to research first. Research involves understanding the sleep patterns of your child and the duration. This also further aids you in sleep training.

Babies Under Six Months

For babies under six months, the baby monitor is quite handy as this will allow you to frequently check up on your child. This will in a way assure their safety especially if they are sleeping in a different room from you. The baby monitor is an assurance that the baby is safe and sound as well as the fact that there is nothing unusual going on with them during their sleep. Like for example, babies having nightmares.

Babies Six Months And Over

Babies start developing proper sleeping habits and patterns after six months. They can even sleep the whole night without crying or waking up in the middle of the night. Moreover, they are also able to cry loud enough if they need help. It’s better than you only stop using a baby monitor when you feel like you’d easily be able to hear your child’s cry from across the bedrooms. This also depends upon the time when your child starts to sleep through the whole night. You can turn it off once you feel like their sleeping pattern has become more definite.

Baby Monitor For Five Year Old

This can be a healthy development for your child as they would be able to get a good night’s sleep and develop healthy sleeping habits. Moreover, you can also give up on the toddler monitor if your toddler can easily come to find you in your room.

Reasons To Stop Using a Baby Monitor

A healthy baby that is already past 12 to 15 months does not need constant monitoring through their sleep. Here are a few reasons why you can ditch your baby monitor after a certain period of time.

  • Babies are normally noisy when they sleep. These noises include breathing, coughing, snorting, wheezing, hiccupping and furthermore. Not all noises need your attention. After a certain age you should stop using movement monitor for your baby, the only movement or sound that needs your attention is the crying sound of your baby.
  • Another reason to ditch your baby monitor is if your baby sleeps nearby you or in a nearby bedroom where you can hear them loud enough to be awakened by their sound.
  • A baby sleep monitor can somewhat disturb your own sleep pattern as even little sounds would awaken you. As mentioned before, a baby that can sleep through the night is going to be a bit noisy. Paying over attention to every sound can lead you to sleep problems. Your baby monitor doesn’t exist for you to get anxiety from it.
  • It is somewhat helpful to keep a check on your baby, through a video monitor. However, it can easily become addicting to always keep checking on your kid. In that case, it’s better to not get anxiety out of it but rather put the monitor aside and train yourselves to check up physically on your baby after longer intervals in order to make it less addicting towards yourself otherwise you’d get overly used to it.
  • Getting addicted doesn’t just stop here, it can eventually make an overprotective parent out of you and hinder your child’s growth. Moreover, it can make your kids feel used to having their privacy invaded. This is something that your child should never adapt to. A healthy child should understand the concept of their privacy is important.

While there’s no definite answer to when to stop using a baby monitor, there certainly isn’t a rule that you can’t use it in specific circumstances. These circumstances may involve the times when your child is sick for example. A sick child needs constant attention no matter if they are 1 year old or 5 year old. Even if they are not sick, a health condition can also be a reason for the monitoring.  Sleepwalking can be one condition where you might really need a monitor.

Final Words: When To Stop Using A Baby Monitor!

During sleep training, you might also need a monitor in order to observe the child’s sleeping patterns. Moreover, if your child has frequent nightmares or your house is probably large then it’s better to have a monitor at your aid.

You can stop using it as soon as you feel like your child is able to approach you vocally or physically if they need help. In the end, you just need to understand the perfect timing for letting your child independent and that might differ for every child.

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